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Scottish Ladies Close Amatuer Championship

Ch`shp No Year Winner Runner - up Result Venue
1st 1903 Miss A Glover Miss M A Graham 1 hole St Andrews
2nd 1904 Miss M A Graham Miss M Bishop 6 and 5 Prestwick, St Nicholas
3rd 1905 Miss D Campbell Miss M A Graham 19th hole North Berwick
4th 1906 Miss D Campbell Miss A Glover 3 and 1 Cruden Bay
5th 1907 Miss F S Teacher Miss D Campbell 21st hole Troon
6th 1908 Miss D Campbell Miss M Cairns 7 and 6 Gullane
7th 1909 Miss E Kyle Miss D Campbell 3 and 1 Machrihanish
8th 1910 Miss E Kyle Miss A Glover 4 and 3 Nairn
9th 1911 Miss E Grant Suttie Miss I Kyle 1 up St Andrews
10th 1912 Miss D N Jenkins Miss M Neill Fraser 4 and 2 Lossiemouth
11th 1913 Miss J McCulloch Miss R Mackintosh 4 and 3 Machrihanish
12th 1914 Miss E R Anderson Miss F Teacher 20th hole Muirfield
  1915 Not Played World War I    
  1916 Not Played World War I    
  1917 Not Played World War I    
  1918 Not Played World War I    
  1919 Not Played World War I    
13th 1920 Mrs J B Watson Miss L Scroggie 5 and 3 Cruden Bay
14th 1921 Mrs J B Watson Mrs L Martin 1 up Machrihanish
15th 1922 Mrs J B Watson Miss A Kyle 2 holes St Andrews
16th 1923 Mrs W H Nicholson Mrs J B Watson 2 and 1 Lossiemouth
17th 1924 Miss C Montgomery Miss H Cameron 5 and 4 Turnberry
18th 1925 Mrs H Percy Miss E Grant Suttie 2 up Gullane
19th 1926 Miss M J Wood Mrs J Cochrane 2 and 1 Cruden Bay
20th 1927 Miss B Inglis Mrs H C Cameron 1 up Machrihanish
21st 1928 Miss J W McCulloch Miss P Ramsay 3 and 1 St Andrews
22nd 1929 Mrs J B Watson Miss D Park 3 and 1 Nairn
23rd 1930 Mrs A M Holm Miss D Park 1 up Turnberry
24th 1931 Miss J W McCulloch Miss D Park 19th hole Gullane
25th 1932 Mrs A M Holm Mrs G Coats 23rd hole Cruden Bay
26th 1933 Miss M J Couper Mrs A M Holm 22nd hole Turnberry
27th 1934 Miss N Baird Miss J Anderson 1 up North Berwick
28th 1935 Miss R Durham Miss N Baird 21st hole Lossiemouth
29th 1936 Miss D Park Miss C P-R-Montgomery 19th hole Turnberry
30th 1937 Mrs A M Holm Mrs I H Bowhill 3 and 2 Gleneagles
31st 1938 Miss J Anderson Mrs A M Holm 2 up Nairn
32nd 1939 Miss J Anderson Miss C M Park 19th hole Turnberry
  1940 Not Played World War II    
  1941 Not Played World War II    
  1942 Not Played World War II    
  1943 Not Played World War II    
  1944 Not Played World War II    
  1945 Not Played World War II    
  1946 Not Played World War II    
33rd 1947 Miss J Donald Miss J Kerr 5 and 4 Elie & Earlsferry
34th 1948 Mrs A M Holm Mrs C Falconer 5 and 4 Gleneagles
35th 1949 Miss J Donald Mrs A M Holm 2 up Troon
36th 1950 Mrs A M Holm Mrs C Beddows 6 and 5 St Andrews
37th 1951 Mrs G Valentine Miss M C Paterson 3 and 2 Nairn
38th 1952 Miss J Donald Mrs R T Peel 13 and 12 Gullane
39th 1953 Mrs G Valentine Miss J Donald 8 and 7 Carnoustie
40th 1954 Mrs R T Peel Mrs G Valentine 7 and 6 Turnberry
41st 1955 Mrs G Valentine Mrs M J Couper 7 and 6 North Berwick
42nd 1956 Mrs G Valentine Mrs A M Holm 8 and 7 Royal Dornoch
43rd 1957 Miss M Speir Mrs A M Holm 7 and 5 Troon
44th 1958 Miss D T Sommerville Miss J S Robertson 1 up Elie & Earlsferry
45th 1959 Miss J S Robertson Miss B McCorkindale 6 and 5 Nairn
46th 1960 Miss JS Robertson Miss D T Somerville 2 and 1 Turnberry GC
47th 1961 Mrs I Wright Miss A Lurie 1 up Old Course, St Andrews
48th 1962 Miss JB Lawrence Mrs C Draper 5 and 4 Royal Dornoch GC
49th 1963 Miss JB Lawrence Mrs I C Robertson 2 and 1 Troon GC
50th 1964 Miss JB Lawrence Mrs S M Reid 5 and 4 Gullane GC
51st 1965 Mrs IC Robertson Miss JB Lawrence 5 and 4 Nairn GC
52nd 1966 Mrs IC Robertson Miss M Fowler 2 and 1 Machrihanish GC
53rd 1967 Miss J Hastings Miss A Laing 5 and 3 North Berwick GC
54th 1968 Miss J W Smith Mrs J Rennie 9 and 8 Carnoustie
55th 1969 Mrs JH Anderson Miss K L Lackie 5 and 4 West Kilbride GC
56th 1970 Miss A Laing Mrs I C Robertson 1 up Dunbar GC
57th 1971 Mrs I C Robertson Mrs A J R Ferguson 3 and 2 Royal Dornoch GC
58th 1972 Mrs I C Robertson Miss C J Lugton 5 and 3 Machrihanish GC
59th 1973 Mrs I Wright Dr A J Wilson 2 up Old Course, St Andrews
60th 1974 Dr A Wilson Miss K L Lackie 22nd hole Nairn GC
61st 1975 Miss L A Hope Miss J W Smith 1 up Elie GC
62nd 1976 Miss S C Needham Miss T M Walker 3 and 2 Machrihanish GC
63rd 1977 Miss C J Lugton Miss M N Thomson 1 up Royal Dornoch GC
64th 1978 Mrs I C Robertson Miss J W Smith 2 up Prestwick Golf Links
65th 1979 Miss G Stewart Miss L A Hope 2 and 1 Gullane GC
66th 1980 Mrs I C Robertson Miss F C Anderson 1 up Carnoustie
67th 1981 Miss A Gemmill Miss W Aitken 2 and 1 Stranraer GC
68th 1982 Miss J Connachan Miss P Wright 19th hole Royal Troon GC
69th 1983 Miss G Stewart Miss F C Anderson 3 and 1 North Berwick GC
70th 1984 Miss G Stewart Miss A Gemmill 3 and 2 Royal Dornoch GC
71st 1985 Miss A Gemmill Miss D Thomson 2 and 1 Kilmarnock (Barassie) GC
72nd 1986 Mrs I C Robertson Miss L A Hope 3 and 2 Old Course, St. Andrews
73rd 1987 Miss F Anderson Miss C Middleton 4 and 3 Nairn GC
74th 1988 Miss S Lawson Miss F Anderson 3 and 1 Southerness GC
75th 1989 Mrs S Huggan Miss L Anderson 5 and 4 Moray GC
76th 1990 Miss E Farquharson Mrs S Huggan 3 and 2 Machrihanish GC
77th 1991 Miss C Lambert Miss F Anderson 3 and 2 Carnoustie
78th 1992 Miss J Moodie Miss E Farquharson 2 and 1 Royal Aberdeen
79th 1993 Miss C Lambert Miss M McKay 5 and 4 Prestwick St Nicholas
80th 1994 Mrs C Matthew Miss V Melvin 1 hole Gullane GC
81st 1995 Miss H Monaghan Mrs S McMaster 21st hole Portpatrick (Dunskey)
82nd 1996 Miss A Laing Miss A Rose 1 hole Royal Dornoch GC
83rd 1997 Miss A Rose Miss H Monaghan 3 and 2 West Kilbride GC
84th 1998 Miss E Moffat Miss C Agnew 4 and 3 North Berwick GC
85th 1999 Mrs J Smith Miss A Laing 2 and 1 Nairn Dunbar GC
86th 2000 Miss L Kenny Miss H Stirling 1 hole Machrihanish GC
87th 2001 Miss L Morton Miss L Mackay 6 and 4 Carnoustie
88th 2002 Miss H Stirling Miss A Laing 3 and 1 Stranraer GC

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