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March 2005 Archive

Thursday 31st March 2005

Monifeith Girls after the prize-giving at Elie

Monifeith girls clean up!
On Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th March 2005, a group of girls from Monifieth Golf Club, travelled to and competed in the Elie, Fife Golf open competition.
The categories competed for were u12's, u14's and u18's, the latter of which was played over the main 18 hole course, with the younger competitors playing on the smaller nine hole course.
Despite bitterly cold and damp conditions the girls played some outstanding golf and were justifiably rewarded with honours in all three categories.
Prizewinners representing Monifieth Girls are as follows;
Under 12, winner Gail Wilson, runner up Ailsa Summers
Under 14, runner up Laura Hunter, fourth place Heather Peebles
Under 18, winner Rebecca Wilson
(Photo and story courtesy Steve Wilson)

ILGU Junior Inter-Provincial Championship
Ulster and Connaucht are at the top of the table after the second day of the Irish Girls Inter-Provincial Championship at at Killorglin today.
The two teams halved their match yesterday and had wins today. It now all depends on Friday's showdown when Ulster plays Munster and Connacht take on Leinster.
Points Table – After Day 2
Ulster 1½
Connacht 1½
Munster 1
Leinster 0
Connacht 5½ – 2½ Munster (Connacht names first)       
Foursomes Results
Emma Gilmore & Ann McCormack beat Linda Toomey & Sarah Cunningham 2/1
Fiona Carroll & Laura Holmes beat Naoimh McMahon & Orla Murray 3/1      
Singles Results
Fiona Carroll lost to Linda Toomey 3/2
Emma Gilmore beat Naoimh McMahon 7/6
Sarah Faller beat Orla Murray 5/3
Ann McCormack lost to Sarah Cunningham 7/6
Laura Holmes beat Valerie Power 2/1
Grainne O’Connor halved with Holli Snelling
Ulster 7 - 1 Leinster (Ulster names first)
Foursomes Results
Danielle McVeigh & Charlene Reid beat Orla Dunphy & Oula Cunneen 4/3
Victoria Bradshaw & Stephanie Meadow lost to Sinead Slater & Ciara Walsh  4/3
Singles Results
Danielle McVeigh beat Orla Dunphy 3/2
Charlene Reid beat Oula Cunneen 4/2
Victoria Bradshaw beat Sinead Slater 8/6
Shirley Harvey beat Alice Davis 2up
Stephanie Meadow beat Leanne Brennan 5/3
Louise Coffey beat Ciara Walsh 3/2
Day 3  (Friday 1st April)
Munster –v- Ulster (Munster names first)
Foursomes Draw
08:30   Naoimh McMahon & Orla Murray -v- Danielle McVeigh & Charlene Reid
08:40   Linda Toomey & Sarah Cunningham -v-     Victoria Bradshaw & Stephanie Meadow
Leinster –v- Connacht (Leinster names first)
08:50   Orla Dunphy & Alice Davis -v- Emma Gilmore & Ann McCormack
09:00   Sinead Slater & Ciara Walsh -v- Fiona Carroll & Laura Holmes

SUSF Golf Championships
The Scottish Universities Mens' Team Championship is drawing to a climax over the Moray New course at Lossiemouth today. Twelve Universities have been battling it out since Sunday in two leagues of six, where each 10-a-side team plays every other team in their league. The top two teams from each league meet in the semi-finals tomorrow morning, with the final on Friday afternoon.
Stirling are assured of a place in the semi-finals tomorrow. Strathclyde and Aberdeen contest the second spot from this flight. Strathclyde play Stirling and Aberdeen play Glasgow Caledonian this afternoon.

  P W D L F A Pts


Stirling 4 4 0 0 33 7 8



4 3 0 1 27.5 12.5 6 +15


4 3 0 1 26 14 6 +12
Dundee 4 1 0 3 12.5


2 -15


4 1 0 3 12 28 2 -16
Glasgow Caledonian 4 0 0 4 9 31 0 -22

We're missing today's results from this second table; it looks like two out of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt will go through.

  P W D L F A Pts Diff
St Andrews 3 3 0 0 24.5 5.5 6 +19
Edinburgh 3 3 0 0 23 7 6 +16
Heriot-Watt 3 2 0 1 17 13 4 +4
Glasgow 3 1 0 2 13 17 2 -4
UHI 3 0 0 3 8 22 0 -14
Robert Gordons 3 0 0 3 4.5 25.5 0 -21

Scottish Univeristies Mens' Individual Championship
More scores from yesterday's Championship over Moray Old Course, Lossiemouth. (Pictured right, Jamie McLeary with the Moray Golf club captain, Mr Reid.)
134 Jamie Mcleary (Stirling) 67 67
141 Mark Hillson (St Andrews) 70 71
142 Gordon Yates (Stirling) 74 68, Rodd Lando (St Andrews) 71 71
143 Carl Levert (St Andrews) 71 72
144 Ross McLeod (Strathclyde) 74 70, Phillipe Okan (St Andrews) 72 72, Blair Paterson (Stirling) 71 73
145 Matt Webb (St Andrews) 74 71, Gary Davidson (St Andrews) 70 75
146 Douglas Graham (Edinburgh) 74 72
147 Jimmy Dale (Aberdeen) 79 68, Maurice Lindsay (Abertay Dundee) 74 73, Mark Dickson (St Andrews) 73 74, Stuart Turnbull (Stirling) 72 75, Colin Colraine (Strathclyde) 72 75
148 Sandy Phillips (Aberdeen) 74 74, Chris Rossi (Strathclyde) 73 75
149 Evan Bryceland (Stirling) 78 71, Frazer Bone (Dundee) 77 72, Neil Cameron (Stirling) 77 72
150 John Barry (Strathclye) 81 69, Nick Slater (UHI) 76 74, Robert Hutton (Glasgow) 75 75, Chris Wedgeworth (Glasgow Caledonian) 75 75 , Andrew Gordon (Strathclyde) 75 75, Alasdair Leggate (Starthclyde) 74 76, Iain Brown (Heriot Watt) 73 77, David Calder (Glasgow) 69 81
151 Grant Little (St Andrews) 77 74, Ross Dixon (St Andrews) 77 74, Clark Riddick (Strathclyde) 75 76, Christian Abrahamsen (Edinburgh) 74 77
152 Alex Robertson (Edinburgh) 77 75, David Black (UHI) 76 76, Karl Shepard (Stirling) 76 76, Andy Keir (Dundee) 74 78, Fergus Niven (Edinburgh) 73 79

Many thanks to Liz Munro for procuring and relaying this information.

Wednesday 30th March 2005

Scottish Universities Championship (Thanks to Liz Munro for the following information)
Ann Ramsay takes 2005 Championship with course record in final round

Ann Ramsay, pictured right, a final year student at Heriot-Watt University, overcame a poor first round of 82 over the Moray Old course at Lossiemouth yesterday and carded rounds of 71 and a course record three-under par 67 over the Moray New course today to take the Scottish Universities Championship by two strokes from Emma Tipping (Stirling).
Miss Ramsay's final round 67 included an eagle three at 12th, and she almost repeated the feat at the next, when her putt just lipped out.
Ann, a two handicap golfer at Kirriemuir, also took the Handicap prize by one stroke from Katy Robinson of Edinburgh University.
Stirling University first team (Alex Marshall and Kylie Walker) took the team award with a total of 455 from their team-mates Stirling University third team (Clare -Marie Carlton and Emma Tipping) (463) .
Unfortunately for Heriot-Watt, they only had one competitor in the Championship.
SUSF Golf Womens' Team Championship
455 Stirling 1 (Alex Marshall, Kylie Walker)
463 Stirling 3 (Clare-Marie Carlton, Emma Tipping)
468 Stirling 2 (Olivia Briggs , Dawn Dewar)
477 Dundee (Gemma Webster, Kirsty Wells)
570 Edinburgh (Katy Robinson, Lindsay Johnston)
SUSF Golf Womens' Championship
220 Ann Ramsay (Heriot-Watt) (82 71 67)
222 Emma Tipping (Stirling) (78 75 69)
226 Kylie Walker (Stirling) (78 74 74)
229 Olivia Briggs (Stirling) 74 74 81), Alex Marshall (Stirling (80 72 77)
236 Gemma Webster (Dundee) (90 73 73)
239 Dawn Dewar (Stirling) (84 76 79)
241 Clare-Marie Carlton (Stirling) (88 78 75), Kirsty Wells (Dundee (88 80 73)
249 Helena Arnadottir (St Andrews) (83 86 80)
262 Kerri Harper (Abertay) (93 83 86)
272 Katy Robinson (Edinburgh) (99 84 89)
298 Lyndsey Johnston (Edinburgh) (106 100 92)
299 Kerry Anderson (Glasgow) (109 91 99)
NR Deli Skinner (Aberdeen) (102 NR -)
SUSF Golf Womens' Handicap Championship
1. Ann Ramsay (Heriot-Watt) (80 69 65) 214
2. Katy Robinson (Edinburgh) (80 65 70) 215
3. Emma Tipping (Stirling) (77 74 68) 219

SUSF Golf Mens' Individual Championship
Jamie McLeary wins by seven shots

Jamie McLeary, pictured right, of Stirling University spread-eagled the field with two sparkling rounds of 67 over the Moray Old Course, Lossiemouth, today to win the Scottish Universities Individual Championship by seven shots from Mark Hillson of St Andrews University. Jamie's total of 134 was a Championship record by four shots.
Leading scores
134 Jamie McLeary (Stirling) 67+67
141 Mark Hillson (St Andrews) 70+71
142 Ross Lando (St Andrews) 71+71, Gordon Yates (Stirling) 74+68

Irish Junior Inter-Provincial Championship
Munster beat Leinster and Ulster and Connacht halved after the first day's play in the Irish Junior Inter-Provincial championships at Killorglin today.
Results Day 1 (Wednesday 30th March 2005)  
Leinster 3 – 5 Munster
Foursomes Results (Leinster names first)
Orla Dunphy & Alice Davis beat Naoimh McMahon & Orla Murray 2/1
Sinead Slater & Leanne Brennan lost to Linda Toomey & Sarah Cunningham 3/2
Singles Results
Orla Dunphy halved with Linda Toomey
Sinead Slater lost to Naoimh McMahon 4/2
Oula Cunneen halved with Orla Murray
Alice Davis lost to Sarah Cunningham 4/3
Leanne Brennan lost to Valerie Power 1up
Ciara Walsh beat Holli Snelling 2/1
Ulster 4 - 4 Connacht
Foursomes Results (Ulster names first)
Danielle McVeigh & Charlene Reid lost to Emma Gilmore & Ann McCormack 2/1
Victoria Bradshaw & Louise Coffey lost to Fiona Carroll & Laura Holmes 7/6
Singles Results
Danielle McVeigh beat  Emma Gilmore 3/1
Charlene Reid lost to Fiona Carroll 4/2
Victoria Bradshaw beat Ann McCormack 3/2
Shirley Harvey halved with Sarah Faller
Stephanie Meadow halved with Laura Holmes
Louise Coffey beat  Grainne O’Connor 8/7
Draw Day 2   - Foursomes
Connacht –v- Munster (Connacht names first)    
09:00   Emma Gilmore and Ann McCormack-v-Linda Toomey and Sarah Cunningham
09:10   Fiona Carroll and Laura Holmes-v-Naoimh McMahon and Orla Murray           
Ulster –v- Leinster (Ulster names first)
09:20   Danielle McVeigh and Charlene Reid-v-Orla Dunphy and Oula Cunneen
09:30   Victoria Bradshaw and Stephanie Meadow-v-Sinead Slater and Ciara Walsh
Munster 1
Ulster ½
Connacht ½

Scottish University Championships (Thanks to Raleigh Gowrie of Stirling for providing this info)
Womens Championship
16 female students completed their 1st round over the Moray Old Course yesterday. Conditions were calm but cold and the temperatures had an impact on scoring.
Olivia Briggs (Stirling) continued her good form with a 1-under par score of 74 to lead by 4 from Kylie Walker and Emma Tipping (both Stirling).  The ladies complete the event today with 36-holes over the New Course.
Selected Scores
Olivia Briggs (Stirling) – 74
Kylie Walker (Stirling) – 78
Emma Tipping (Stirling) – 78
Alex Marshall (Stirling) – 80
Ann Ramsay (Heriot-Watt) – 83
Dawn Dewar (Stirling) – 84
Claire-Marie Carlton (Stirling) – 88
Gemma Webster (Dundee) – 90
Mens Team Championship
The mens’ team event sees 12 x10 player teams compete in 2 sections with the leading 2 teams from each section qualifying for Friday’s semi-finals.
In Section A, Stirling remain undefeated from 4 matches and have already secured their place in the last-4.
Aberdeen look likely to claim the 2nd place in the group.
In Section B, St. Andrews are riding high with a 100% win record from 3 games. A fight is on the cards for the runners-up spot with Heriot-Watt, Glasgow and Edinburgh all in with a chance of claiming a semi-final berth.
Today sees the men compete in the Individual event, playing 36-holes over the Moray Old Course.

Midlothian Girls Spring Meeting
Liberton Golf Club, Tuesday March 29th 2005
SS 68 CSS 70
The Girls Spring Meeting was held at Liberton Golf Club on a cold and misty day when luckily the rain held off until after the players had finished. Liberton Golf Club had done very well to make the course playable and this was much appreciated by everyone. Players found the wet heavy conditions a bit tricky.
Jane Turner (Glencorse) won the Fraser Trophy (Scratch) with a score of 76. The runner-up was Amanda Edwards (Liberton) with a score of 77.
The Macpherson Trophy (Handicap) was won by Gillian Simpson (Baberton) with a net 68. Samantha Lamb(Glencorse) was second with a net 71.
(Photos available on
Scratch Winner (Fraser Trophy), Jane Turner (Glencorse) 76
Scratch Runner Up Amanda Edwards (Liberton) 77
Handicap Winner (Macpherson Trophy) Gillian Simpson (Baberton) 95 (27) 68
Handicap Runner Up Samantha Lamb (Glencorse) 97 (26) 71
Winner for Girls without CONGU Handicaps, but with a Club Handicap Isobel Hinds (Liberton) Net 76
Runner Up for Girls without CONGU Handicaps - but with a Club Handicap Lyn Crook (Ratho Park) Net 78
9-Hole Winner (girls without handicaps) Kate McIntosh (Broomieknowe) 55
Putting Competition Winner (girls without handicaps) Catriona Williams (Gullane) - after a tie and play-off 20 putts

Varsity Match
Two Scots golfing girls were on opposing sides in this year's Oxford v Cambridge annual Varsity women's golf match at Aldeburgh Golf Club, Suffolk on March 21. Elaine Evans (St Catherine's Cambridge) is a member of Turnhouse and Rachel Carson (St Catherine's Oxford) lives in North Berwick.
Cambridge, pictured left, won convincingly by 8.5 matches to 0.5. This is only the second time that Cambridge have won in the eight years since the match started.
Foursomes (Oxford names first)
Jenny Harvey and Camilla Day lost to Alexandra Leriche and Kirsty Wybar 8&7
Rachel Carson and Gillian Diesen lost to Erin Mitchell and Helen Moore 8&7
Meredith Riedel and Tania Oh lost to Angela Donoghue and Elaine Evans 4&2
Singles (Oxford names first)
Jenny Harvey lost to Kirsty Wybar 3&2
Rachel Carson lost to Helen Moore 6&5
Meredith Riedel halved with Erin Mitchell
Camilla Day lost to Elaine Evans 5&3
Tania Oh lost to Angela Donoghue 6&4
Gillian Diesen lost to Alexandra Leriche 7&6


Tuesday 29th March 2005

Scottish University Championships
This is the first year that the Scottish University Women have played their Championship at the same time (this week!) and at the same venue (Moray Golf Club, Lossiemouth) as the men.
Despite phone calls to the organiser, I have not been able to get any results. If there is anyone reading this who is in the vicinity of Lossiemouth... could they please go along to the Golf Club and find out what is happening and email me! [Update: I have a volunteer!]
I need both Men's and Women's results.... The men are half-way through their Team tournament and the women have played the first of three stroke-play rounds.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Men's Individual Strokeplay and the final two rounds of the Womens' Strokplay Championship. The prizegiving for these two individual Championships takes place at 7pm. If you have a digital camera I would appreciate if you would take a photo!
The Men's Team tournament concludes on Friday with a semifinal and final. It would be nice to know who wins!

ILGU U18 Girls Golf Interprovincials
Draw for tomorrow's foursomes matches at Killorglin
Draw Day 1   - Foursomes
Leinster –v- Munster (Leinster names first)         
09:00   Orla Dunphy & Alice Davis -v- Naoimh McMahon & Orla Murray
09:10   Sinead Slater & Leanne Brennan -v- Linda Toomey & Sarah Cunningham
Ulster –v- Connacht (Ulster names first)
09:20   Danielle McVeigh & Charlene Reid -v- Emma Gilmore & Ann McCormack
09:30   Victoria Bradshaw & Louise Coffey -v- Fiona Carroll & Laura Holmes

Monday 28th March 2005

Louise KenneyLouise sixth with two-under par score
Louise Kenney (Pitreavie), pictured right, a final year student at Iowa State University, finished on two under par 214 to tie for sixth place in the Mountain View Collegiate at Tuscon Arizona yesterday. She led the Iowa State team to fifth place in the tournament. Her final round of 70 along with back to back par rounds of 72 gave her the the lowest 54 hole total in Iowa State school history.
Northwestern was the wire-to-wire winner, carding rounds of 291, 292 and 287 for a 6-over par 870. Idaho (880), Missouri (881) and Colorado State (882) and Iowa State (884) rounded out the top five.
Leading Scores
1. Meghan Little, Lousville (68-69-72=209)
T2 Ina Kim, Northwestern (70-74-67=211)
T2 Cassie Castleman, Idaho (72-69-70=211)
4 Renee Skidmore, Idaho (74-70-68=212)
5 Trisha Quick, Colorado State (70-71-72=213)
6 Louise Kenney (72 72 70 214)

French Junior Championships
Beatriz Recari of Spain won the the Esmond Trophy in the French Junior Championships at St Cloud, near Paris when she beat Swede, Anna Nordqovist, by 3&2 in the 36 hole final.

Irish team
The Irish Seniors team for the annual match against the Scottish Vets at Gullane on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th April is as follows:
Maura Breatnach, Valerie Hassett, Mary Madden, Anna Moloney, Mary McKenna, Eileen Mc Mullen, Helen O'Donoghue, Terry Sexton,
Non playing Captain Mary Anderson.

East of Scotland Girls'
The draw for the East of Scotland Girls Spring meeting is here

Sunday 27th March 2005

French Junior Championships
Anna Nordqovist of Sweden will meet Beatriz Recari of Spain tomorrow in the final of the French Junior Championship for the Esmond Trophy at St Cloud, near Paris.
The Swede had a narrow one hole win in the semifinals against the leading qualifier and top seed Belen Mozo (Spain). Miss Recari won by 4&3 against fellow Spaniard Emma Carbrera, who knocked out the last English hope, Melissa Ried in the quarterfinals.

US College Golf
Louise Kenney currently fifth
Louise Kenney (Iowa State) is currently lying fifth after rounds of 71 and 72 in the Mountain View Collegiate tournament at Tuscon, Arizona.
Meghan Little of Louisville recorded a tournament record 4-under 68 in round one and turned in 3-under second round 69, three shots ahead of Louise's teammate Lisa Meshke (69-71)
Northwestern leads the 15-team field after shooting a 583. The Cyclone's fired a 588 (295-293), one shot behind Missouri.

Sian Reddick finishes third
English Strokeplay Champion Sian Reddick (Baylor University) took third place in the Baylor - Tapatio Spring Shootout at Boerne, Texas yesterday. She finished three shots behind the winner, her Baylor team-mate Josefin Svenningsson, and one behind Laura Cross (SMU).
Emily Ogilvie (Muckhart) and Laura Walker (Nairn Dunbar), playing for Arkansas - Little Rock took 42nd and 51st places respectively. Stephanie Crolla playing for McLennan Community College finished 81st.
Baylor won the team prize, Arkansas Little Rock were 9th and McLennan were 18th.
Leading Scores
221 Josefin Svenningsson Baylor 72 70 79
223 Laura Cross SMU 76 70 77
224 Sian Reddick Baylor 74 73 77
225 Heather Wright Oklahoma 74 71 80
Other Scores:
244 Emily Ogilvy AR-L. Rock 83 81 80
246 Laura Walker AR-L. Rock 81 86 79
259 Stephanie Crolla Mclnan CC 85 84 90
Team Scores
1 Baylor 295 291 311 897 +33
2 Michigan 301 300 303 904 +40
3 SMU 314 296 314 924 +60

Saturday 26th March 2005

French Junior Championships
Spain, France and England dominated the French Junior Championships yesterday at St Cloud, Paris.
Belen Mozo of Spain was the leading qualifier with 72, 70 for two under par 142. England's Melissa Reid shared second spot with Melodie Bourdie of France on 143.
Clare Marie Carlton was the best of the Scots on 162 with scores of 83 and 79. None of the Scots qualified for the match-play stages.
The second Spanish team with a total of 286 won the Nations tournament for the Vilmorin Trophy by one stroke from France1 and Spain1 with England another stroke adrift. Scotland finished last.
Full details can be found on the French Golf Federation website
Leading scores
142 Belen Mozo (Spain) 72, 70
143 Melodie Bourdy (France) 75, 68, Melissa Reid (England) 69, 74
144 Valentine Derrey (France) 72, 72, Denise Charlotte Becker (Germany) 70, 74 Adriana Zwanck (Spain) 70, 74
145 Carlota Ciganda (Spain) 75, 70, Florentyna Parker (England) 74, 71, Anne Lise Caudal (France) 70, 75, Maria Hernandez (Spain) 69, 76
Other scores:
162 Clare Marie Carlton (Scotland) 83, 79
168 Roseanne Niven (Scotland) 87, 81
172 Lesley Hendry (Scotland) 86, 86
Nations Cup
286 Spain2
287 France1 Spain1
288 England2

US College Golf
Sian Reddick moves to fifth

English Strokeplay Champion Sian Reddick (Baylor University) improved by one place after the second round of the 2005 Baylor - Tapatio Spring Shootout at Boerne, Texas yesterday. Her round of 73 gave her a total of 147 and put her five shots behind Baylor team-mate Josefin Svenningsson who is leading the tournament. Baylor on 586 are 15 shots ahead on next-placed University of Michigan.
University of Arkansas - Little Rock are in 8th place on 639. UALR team-mates Emily Ogilvy (Muckhart), tied for 53rd with 83-81-164; Laura Walker (Nairn Dunbar), tied for 62nd with 81-86-167.

Friday 25th March 2005

Scottish Vets team
The SVLGA team chosen for the match against the Irish Vets on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th April over Gullane No1 is as follows:
Rose Anderson (North), Lorna Bennett (Midlands), Liz Campbell (Borders), Noreen Fenton (East),
Anna Telfer (West), Moira Thomson (East), Margaret Tough (Midlands), Pam Williamson (East).
Reserves: Christine MacAndrew (Highland), Lynn Terry (North), Helen Faulds (West), Janice Gardiner (West).
Non-playing Captain: Joan Marshall (East)
Rose Anderson, the 2002 Vets Champion, has intimated that she has not fully recovered from injuries received in a road accident and has withdrawn, consequently Christine McAndrew has received a call-up to the team.

US College Golf
Sian Reddick in the hunt.

English Ladies' Strokeplay Champion. Sian Reddick, is tied for 6th place with a 74 in the first round of the 2005 Baylor - Tapatio Spring Shootout at Boerne, Texas yesterday. Her team, the hosts Baylor University, is in first position on 295, six shots ahead of second place Michigan University.
Laura Walker (Nairn Dunbar) and Emily Ogilvie (Muckhart), representing Arkansas - Little Rock had 81 and 83 respectively and Stephanie Crolla from East Lothian carded 85.
Leading scores:
71 Isabelle Gendreau (Michigan)
72 Josefin Svenningsson (Baylor)
73 Rebecca Samuelsson (Fla. Int.), Emily Milberger (Oklahoma), Meredith Jones (Baylor)
74 Lindsay McEwin (E Michigan), Sian Reddick (Baylor), Heather Wright (Oklahoma), Jullianne Kim (UTEP)
Other scores:
81 Laura Walker (Arkansas Little Rock)
83 Emily Ogilvie (Arkansas Little Rock)
85 Stephanie Crolla (McLennan CC)

2005 Helen Holm Scottish Ladies Open Strokeplay Championship
The draw is now on the SLGA website

Thursday 24th March 2005

French Junior Championship
England's Melissa Reid and Maria Hernandez from Spain are leading with 69's after the first round of the French Junior Championships for the Esmond and Cartier trophies at St Cloud today.
Clare Marie Carlton (Fireneze) leads the Scottish contingent with an 83 and is ranked 89th in a high-class field of 119. Lesley Hendry (Largs Routenburn) is on 86 (rank 103) and Roseanne Niven (Crieff) had an 87 (109). The players had a mixture of sunshine and rain, and the course was closed for a time in the afternoon. More news on the French Golf Federation website.
Clare Marie and Lesley are competing for the Esmond Trophy (under 21) whilst Roseanne is in the younger age group and is competing for the Cartier trophy. The format is one round of strokeplay today and another tomorrow, and the best 32 qualifiers go forward for matchplay which finishes on Easter Monday.
There is also a team competition for the Nations trophy which is won by the lowest aggregate of the two best scores out of three over the two strokeplay rounds.

Faldo Series
Many thanks to Keith Spence for responding to my plea for information on Tuesday's Faldo Series Scotland qualifier over Gullane No3 and supplying the following information....
Boys U21 - Evan Bryceland (20, Craigielaw, 2) 64 (-4)
Boys U18 - Jamie Nelson (16, Dunbar, 4) 65 (-3)
Girls U18 -Jane Turner (15, Mortonhall, 4) 74 (+5)
CSS Boys 65; Girls TBC

ILGU Press Release
Connacht defend U18 Girls Golf Interprovincials

Killorglin Golf Club, 30th March – 1st April
Five of last year’s Connacht team will defend their title at the 2005 Girls Interprovincial Golf matches at Killorglin from Wednesday, 30th March to Friday, 1st April.
Connacht’s young squad captured the trophy last year at Westport for the first time, beating each Province in doing so. Inspired by Galway’s Sinead O’Sullivan then, who has since been selected on the Senior International team, this year’s squad boasts a wealth of experience with just Grainne O’Connor (Galway) making her debut.
2004 runners-up Ulster sees Danielle McVeigh (R.C.D.L.), Charlene Reid (Gracehill) and Louise Coffey (Warrenpoint), cousin of Curtis Cup star Alison Coffey, on board again this year while 14 year-old Stephanie Meadow (Royal Portrush) will look to build on her excellent 2004 season when she finished runner-up to Tara Delaney (Carlow) in the Lancôme Girls Championship.
Munster will look to Linda Toomey (Limerick), Naoimh McMahon (Shannon) and 15 year-old Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) who all played in the 2004 series of matches. Home advantage may play its part for the southern based side.
Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) will lead an in-experienced Leinster team in their bid to win their seventh title in nine years. A tall order considering Orla is the only survivor from last year’s side as Leinster field a youthful squad for this year’s event.
Matches start in Killorglin at 9am on Wednesday 30th March. Entry is free and all are welcome.
Wed, 30th March 09.00 & 13.30 Leinster v Munster , 09.18 & 14.28  Ulster v Connacht
Thur, 31st March 09.00 & 13.30 Connacht v Munster , 09.18 & 14.28  Ulster v Leinster
Fri, 30th March 08.30 & 13.00 Munster v Ulster, 08.58 & 13.58 Leinster v Connacht
Connacht – Sal O’Connor (Captain):
Fiona Carroll (Athenry), Sarah Faller (Galway), Emma Gilmore (Mountbellew), Laura Holmes (Enniscrone), Ann McCormack (Roscommon), Grainne O’Connor (Galway).
Leinster - Susan Clark (Captain):
Leanne Brennan (Coollattin), Oula Cunneen (The Island), Alice Davis (Royal Tara), Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny), Sinead Slater (Kilkenny), Ciara Walsh (Headfort)
Munster – Rose Doyle (Captain):
Sarah Cunningham (Ennis), Naoimh McMahon (Shannon), Orla Murray (Tramore), Valerie Power (Faithlegg), Holli Snelling (Killarney) Linda Toomey (Limerick)
Ulster – Jane Gardner (Captain):
Victoria Bradshaw (Bangor), Louise Coffey (Warrenpoint), Shirley Harvey (Ballyclare), Danielle McVeigh (Royal Co Down Ladies), Stephanie Meadow (Royal Portrush), Charlene Reid (Gracehill)

Wednesday 23rd March 2005

Eric Ramsay is Australian Amateur Champion
From the Australian Golf Union website....
"Carnoustie Golf Club member Eric Ramsay took out the 100th Australian Amateur Championship presented by Nissan today over the famed Royal Melbourne West Course. He defeated Victorian Andrew Tampion (Kingswood Golf Club) 6 and 5 by virtue of his fine short game and solid putting.
Tampion started in exceptional form, with birdies on holes 2, 3 and 4 to skip to a 3 up lead after 6 holes. But Ramsay then applied the pressure and finished the morning round 2 up. He continued his good form after lunch, losing only the 22nd to Tampion's birdie. Ramsay finished off the match with a par at the 31st.
His victory earns him a three-year exemption into the Australian Open Championship."

US College Golf
Louise Fleming joint 8th

Louise Fleming from The Hirsel in the Borders continues to play well and recorded another top ten finish in the rain hit Applebee’s/Up The Creek Samford Intercollegiate at the par-72, Timberline Golf Course. A 75 gave her a share of 8th place. The second round on Tuesday was cancelled.
Her team, Jacksonville State, finished second.

US College Golf
Aberdeenshire's SjavonWilson took joint 12th spot in the Pepsi Lady Lion Invitational at the Tanglewood Resort, Pottsboro, Texas yesterday. Her scores of 86 and 84 over the par 72 5,969 yards course led the Tyler CC team to 8th place.

Faldo Series
Does anyone know results for the Faldo Series qualifier at Gullane yesterday? Yes.... I know I live there but I was busy yesterday!

Tuesday 22nd March 2005

D&A County team v D&A Juniors

D&A Ladies County team took on a Junior team at Milngavie Golf Club on Sunday, March 20th. An Elite group of girls have been meeting twice a month over the winter for coaching and practice and felt ready to take on the full team!!. The girls were amazed, impressed and hopefully inspired by the high quality of golf displayed by the seniors and will be determined to practice even harder. (The Ladies ran out convincing winners by 3.5 to 0.5 ) (Thanks to Anna Telfer for photo and story)

Eric Ramsay in the final of the Australian Amateur
Scottish Internationalist Eric Ramsay from Carnoustie will play New Zealander Andrew Tampion in the 36 hole final of the Australian Amateur Championship at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club (West Course) on Wednesday (Australian time).
Eric, who took the fifth seeded place in the draw, has had some close games to get into contention. He won his first round match by 2 holes, then beat New Zealander Kevin Chun by 2&1 to get to the quarter finals. He had to go up the 19th to beat Josh Geary (NZ), then hung on to beat the top seed, Sung Hoon Kang (Korea) by 1 up.
His opponent in the final, the second seed Andrew Tampion, has had a similar path to the final, winning 1up, 1up, at the 21st and 1 up in his four match-play rounds.
The two players are coming to the end of an intensive period of golf, as the qualifying for this Championship was 72 holes strokeplay. Full results and live scoring are on the Australian Golf Union website.

Monday 21st March 2005

Spanish Seniors
Carol Fell, the Renfrewshire webmaster, has published some photos of the recent Spanish Seniors Championship taken by Fiona Roger. Thanks Carol (and Fiona)!

What a trophy collection!

Monifieth Girls prizegiving
On Sunday 20th March 2005 Monifieth junior girls held their Winter League presentation in Monifieth Golf Club. The event was well attended with a large gathering of members,families and friends present.
The trophies were presented to the girls by Ladies Captain, Magda Napier.
Results were as follows;
Division 1: Rebecca Wilson (1st), Andrea Bowie (2nd), Ashley Smith (3rd)
Division 2: Louise Smith (1st), Gail Wilson (2nd), Claire Penrose (3rd)
Division 3: Alison Pryde (1st), Susan Cameron (2nd), Rosie Hunter (3rd).
(Photo courtesy Steve Wilson)

US College Golf
Kate finishes in the Top Ten

Second year Highpoint student Kate O'Sullivan from Paisley climbed up the leaderboard to take a share of 9th place in the Shamrock Inter-Collegiate tournament at Tega Cay, South Caroline yesterday. Her third round par score of 72 gave her a total of 237 and she led Highpoint to fifth place in the team totals.
The tournament was won by Morgan Olds (Elon University) on 224. Elon won the team ournament by three shots from North Carolina - Greensboro.
Leading scores:
1 Morgan Olds Elon 73 77 74 224
2 Stephanie Hicks Longwood 81 75 71 227
3 Jenna Schmidt NC Greensb 73 78 77 228
4 Polly Willett NC Greensb 79 77 76 232
5 Kristin Tremoulis Elon 76 79 78 233
6 Tiffany Woodyer Longwood 78 75 82 235, Krista Bulow Elon 79 76 80 235
8 Erika Oldenkamp Wm. & Mary 86 79 71 236
9 Laura Robinson Wofford 76 83 78 237, Kate O'Sullivan High Point 85 80 72 237

US Futures Tour
Heather in the money

2002 Scottish Ladies' Champion Heather Stirling from Bridge of Allan took home $224 from a tie for 54th place in the Tampa Bay Futures Golf Classic at the 6341-yard, par 36-36 - 72 East Lake Woodlands Golf & Country Club. Her last round 78 gave her a total of 225.
The tournament was won by Australian Sarah-Jane Kenyon. Her third round 69 for six under par 210 put her three strokes ahead of Americans Lori Atedes and Becky Iverson.
Leading scores:
210 Sarah-Jane Kenyon (Queensland, Australia)  73-68-69  $9,100
213 Lori Atsedes (Ithaca, N.Y.)  68-75-70 ($5,641), Becky Iverson (Gladstone, Mich.) 73-68-72 213 ($5,641)
214 Seon-Hwa Lee (Chonan, Korea) 76-69-69 ($3,808)
Other scores:
225 Heather Stirling (Stirling, Scotland) 75-72-78 ($224)

Sunday 20th March 2005

Scottish Univerity Womens' Golf
Olivia Briggs wins at Gullane

Twenty-two women students took part in the second ScotUnis Womens' league game over Gullane No2 today.
Olivia Briggs (University of Stirling), pictured below right, took the scratch prize with a one over par 74. Olivia, in her third year of a Business Studies course, birdied the 4th, 6th, 10th and 16th and eagled the 12th in two halves of 37. Her playing partner, and the tournament organiser, Ann Ramsay (Heriot-Watt) went out in one under par 36, but a six at the short 11th, where she had a problem with a greenside bunker, spoilt her score. Third with an 84 was Icelander, Helena Arnadottir (St Andrews) on the better inward half from Lesley Williamson (Robert Gordons). Picking up a point for fifth place was Claire McLoughlin (St Andrews) with an 85.
In the handicap section, Melissa Nicholson (St Andrews, 27) won with a six under par net 67, two shots better than Kerry Anderson (Glasgow, 24). Third place went to Lyndsey Johnston (Edinburgh, 19) with a net 73, closely followed by Harriet Kinkead (Strathclyde, 27) on net 74. Fifth place was taken by Jessica Glover (Strathclyde, 18) on net 75 on the better inward half from Louise Sanford (St Andrews, 26)
The next event is the Scottish University Championships which take place on Tuesday/Wednesday 29/30th March.
Leading scores:
74 Olivia Briggs (Stirling)
79 Ann Ramsay (Heriot-Watt)
84 Helena Arnadottir (St Andrews), Lesley Williamson (Robert Gordons)
85 Claire McLoughlin (St Andrews)
88 Gillian Davidson (Robert Gordons)
90 Deli Skinner (Aberdeen)
91 Katie Brown (Edinburgh)
92 Lyndsey Johnston (Edinburgh)
93 Jessica Glover (Strathclyde), Kerry Anderson (Glasgow)
94 Fiona Williamson (Strathclyde), Melissa Nicholson (St Andrews)

US College Golf
Kate O'Sullivan leading Highhpoint scorer

Kate O'Sullivan, pictured right, from Paisley is in joint 19th place after scores of 85 and 80 (165) in the Shamrock Intercollegiate at Tega Cay, South Carolina. Her team, Highpoint are in 7th position, 53 shots behind leaders Elon University. The tournament concludes today (Sunday)
Leading individual scores
150 Morgan Olds Elon 73 77
151 Jenna Schmidt NC Greensb 73 78
153 Tiffany Woodyer Longwood 78 75
155 Kristin Tremoulis Elon 76 79 , Krista Bulow Elon 79 76
Leading team scores
619 Elon University 305 314
630 N. Car.- Greensboro 317 313
633 Longwood University 325 308

US Futures Tour
Heather makes the cut

Heather Stirling, from Bridge of Allan, had scores of 75 and 72 for 157 and a share of 27th place after the first two rounds of the Futures Tour event at the 6341-yard, par 36-36 - 72 East Lake Woodlands Golf & Country Club, Tampa Bay.
Becky Iverson (Gladstone, Mich.) and Sarah-Jane Kenyon (Queensland, Australia)  share the lead with identical scores of 73 and 68.

Apologies for the terseness of these reports. Colin is on holiday and I am having to do it all myself!
If you know of any news which I have missed then please email me. - Gill (Ed)

Friday 18th March 2005

ELGA Press release
Top award for Kiran

Kiran Matharu, one of England’s brightest young golf stars, has won a top sporting award for the second year in a row.
The 16-year-old girl international was named as junior sportswoman of the year in the annual Leeds Sports Awards.
Kiran, who plays at Cookridge Hall in Leeds, is the only person to score a back-to-back win in these awards. She beat off challengers from the worlds of athletics and swimming to take her title.
“It was a great feeling to win again and it was all the better because I was there this year,” said Kiran, who dashed back to Yorkshire from the Sunningdale Foursomes. Last year golfing commitments kept her away from the presentation. “It was a really exciting evening and it’s good for girls’ golf.”
BBC Radio Leeds presenter John Boyd, who hosted the ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall, urged those present to remember Kiran’s name. “She's going to be a world star," he said.
The award recognises performance in 2004 when Kiran’s achievements included winning the Faldo Series girls’ championship by 11 shots.
She was also runner-up in the English girls’ championship, second on the ELGA junior order of merit, and reached final qualifying for the Weetabix British Women’s Open. At the end of the year she was runner-up in her age group in the Doral-Publix Junior Golf Classic in Miami which attracts top young players from all over the world
This year, Kiran aims to do even better and she’s setting her sights on a win, or at least a high finish, in a national ladies’ event. She’s made a good start to the 2005 season, qualifying comfortably for the matchplay stages of the Spanish ladies’ championship. Her next event is the French Lady Juniors Championship which starts at St Cloud next Thursday.
Kiran took up the game as an 11-year-old and within months was playing for Yorkshire juniors. She was the youngest-ever player to represent Yorkshire at first team level when she made her debut at 14 and she became an England girl international at the same age. Her handicap is plus-two.

ELGA Press release
England’s seniors vote to merge with ELGA

England’s senior lady golfers have voted to merge their association with ELGA from the end of this year.
Margaret Brooks, chairman of the English Senior Ladies’ Golf Association, said: “We view this as a positive step forward.
The decision of her members means that ELGA will be the sole official voice for all England’s women amateurs, from the youngest juniors to the most senior ladies.
ELGA chairman Jenny Clink said: “I welcome the merger between ELGA and the ESLGA and I hope that this union will provide stronger representation for ladies’ golf in England. “
The merger will also bring more competitive opportunities to a greater number of senior golfers. ELGA is committed to running – and extending - the tournament schedule for senior ladies and these events will be open to all its members aged over 50.
The seniors’ association calendar includes two national championships, a foursomes event and three regional competitions. Their match play championship however will merge with ELGA’s seniors ladies’ championship so there will be only one English senior ladies’ champion, but an additional fourth regional competition is to be added by ELGA.
The seniors’ association was formed in 1989 to provide competitive golf for the over-50s. Its membership has grown from small beginnings to over 800 and includes former Curtis Cup players.
The association has always had close links with ELGA but the decision to merge was taken because of changes to the rules of the European Senior Ladies’ Team Championship.
From 2006 teams have to be chosen by each country’s governing body – and in England’s case that means ELGA. Until now the seniors’ association has selected the team and without that role it was felt best to join forces with ELGA.
“We feel we have come full circle and the time is now right for change, for everyone to come together,” said Margaret Brooks.
Now, the seniors’ association is concentrating on making their last year one to remember. They are hosting the 25th European Senior Ladies’ Team Championship at Pleasington Golf Club, Lancashire, in September and are hoping for an English triumph to add to their previous successes.

A website devised by a former travel editor of the UK's Golf Monthly magazine has been ranked #1 by Google and is in the top 10 of other leading search engines.
Four years after launch,  the reader service site is ranked in the top 10 sites by every major search engine in the category of 'golf holidays + resorts' - and on the first page of leading engines in the category of 'golf travel'.
In 'golf travel', it is #4 of 22 million sites in Google and #8 of 49 million sites in Yahoo.
Author of the site, Barry Ward, said: "I've spent a lot of time researching search engines and their requirements, but I must say I was surprised at the depth and consistency of the rankings. They have re-paid my hard work."
The reader service site is a one-man show. When Barry left Golf Monthly five years ago he knew nothing about the internet, but after rudimentary tuition and "a lot of hair tearing", he launched his magazine-style site five months later.
It now carries more than 200 pages of editorial features and advice on golf resorts he has visited around the world - and it gets a quite staggering 1,000-plus hits per day.
It is still growing in volume as he continues his travels, researching new articles and up-dating his site almost daily.
"After a lifetime in golf writing I was on the cusp of retirement," he said.
"But this has opened up a new world. There aren't enough hours in the day."

US College Golf

Arkansas Little-Rock University team-mates Emily Ogilvy (left) from Dunning and Laura Walker (right) from Nairn both finished in the top 10 of the Islander Spring Classic women's college tournament at Rockport Country Club in Rockport, Texas.
Emily shot 80, 80 and 76 to finish seven with a total of 236.
Former Scottish girls' match-play champion Laura scored 74, 79 and 85 for eighth place on 238.
A third Scot in the field was Stephanie Crolla, a student at McLennan Community College near Waco, Texas. Stephanie scored 89, 86 and 78 for 23rd place on 253.
Laura Mengelkamp (Wyoming) won the tournament by six shots with scores of 73, 76 and 78 for 227.
Arkansas-Little Rock (964) tied for fourth place in the team event behind North Texas (947).

US College Golf

Fiona Hindshaw (left) from Haddington tied for 14th place on 169 after scores of 89 and 80 and helped her college, Pfeiffer, win the team event in the Lady Falcon Invitational at Old North State Club, Badin in North Carolina.
Fiona's Pfeiffer team-mate, Nikki Taggart from Belfast, tied for fourth place with 82 and 80 for 162 - five shots behind winner Paige Haverty (Catawaba) (76-81).
Dawn-Marie Conaty from Dublin, a student at North Carolina State University, tied for ninth place on 165 with scores of 85 and 80.
Pfeiffer (679) won the team event by four shots from their nearest challengers, Berry College.

US College Golf

Irish international Maria Dunne from County Dublin continued her good form on the American women's circuit by winning the North/South Women's Collegiate tournament at Jacksonville Beach Golf Club in Jacksonville, Florida.
The tournament was a triumph for Bethune-Cookman College players who filled three of the first four places (there was a tie for third spot) in the field of 82 - Maria with scores of 75 and 76 over the 5,903yd par-72 course for 151; Fiona Brunton from Cornwall with 72 and 80 for 152 and Becky Dowell from Thornecombe, England with 75 and 80 earning her a tie for third place on 153 with Lynnsey Showers (Butler).
Not surprisingly, Bethune-Cookman (632) won the team event rather easily from Longwood University (644) and Jackson State (662).

LGU Press Release
ritain and Ireland’s Lady Golfers Play Their Way to Scottish Finale
The 2005 Health Perception LGU Championship is set to get underway in early Spring as the first qualifying rounds of this international competition take place throughout golf clubs in Great Britain & Ireland.
Last year, this event attracted more than 22,000 players in the initial stages and the organisers are hoping that the number will increase once again. In June and July the winners of each club qualifying competition will progress to 14 Regional Finals, which take place across 14 venues in the UK and Ireland. The list of regional venues includes Wallasey, the home of Stableford competition, which is the scoring format under which this championship is played, and Coventry Finham Golf Club which has held many professional events in the past. The 14 venues cover the country from Arcot Hall in Northumberland, down to Orchardleigh in the South West. In Ireland, top Irish venue Malone, will cater for the North of the country and Athy, in Kildare, will cater for the South.
The Grand Final this year will take place at the Open Championship venue of Turnberry, the famous Ailsa course having played host to thrilling Men’s and Women’s Open Championships. The never to be forgotten "Duel in the Sun" between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson in 1977 was the first Open Championship to be staged at the venue and the Weetabix Women’s British Open was played in Scotland for the first time when it visited Turnberry in 2002.
With its world-renowned hotel and excellent facilities, including the Colin Montgomerie Golf Academy, there could be no finer venue to bring this international championship to a close. Each winner from the Regional Finals will go through to the Grand Final, which takes place on the Monday 26th September 2005.
The winner of the Health Perception LGU Championship will take the title of "Champion Lady Golfer for 2005" and will also receive an invitation from the Ladies’ Golf Union to take part in the Weetabix Women’s British Open Pro-Am at Royal Lytham & St Anne’s Golf Club on Wednesday 2nd August 2006. Official Clothing Sponsor to this year’s Championship is Green Lamb.
The sponsors of the competition, Health Perception, are delighted to be supporting this event for the third year. Health Perception’s Managing Director is the Olympic Gold Medallist, David Wilkie: "In two years we have seen this competition grow from a concept to a well-established event in the golfing calendar. Each year it allows us to meet new people and go to new places. Many of the players use our products and it provides us an opportunity to meet them face to face."
Health Perception makes the UK’s best selling range of glucosamine supplements, which are designed to help keep joints supple and support the body’s connective tissues.

LGU Press Release

Players representing the Ladies’ Golf Union will be clothed in top-of-the-range waterproofs and outer garments following a four- year agreement between the LGU and Cross Sportswear.
Each of the players, captain, vice-captain and coach will be provided with several items from the 2005 series in waterproof and breathable laminated fabrics designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. In addition, LGU Officials will wear Cross waterproofs at LGU Championships and events.
Cross first became associated with the LGU at the 2004 Curtis Cup match and this new agreement is the result of that successful partnership and the benefits that accrued to both parties.
Commenting on the agreement in which Cross becomes an ‘Official Partner to the LGU,’ Andy Salmon, CEO of the Ladies’ Golf Union, said; " Everybody was delighted with the range and performance of the items that Cross provided for the Curtis Cup and we had no hesitation in seeking a new four-year contract. We aim to provide our players and officials with the very best of clothing and equipment and Cross fulfils that aim with an extensive range of outer garments of the highest specification and up-to-the date design."
Ian Gregson, UK National Sales Manager for Cross Sportswear commented " Having been involved with the LGU in supplying protective outerwear for the 2004 Curtis Cup, the Company were delighted by the remarks made by the players as to the excellent playability of Cross Technical Waterproofs. Cross are delighted to be the official supplier to the Great Britain and Ireland teams, providing the most up to date technical full stretch waterproofs in the company’s collection."
Cross Sportswear have, with their continuing development programme, made important advances in the comfort, style and playability of golf clothing, being particularly forthright in the technical specifications of waterproof breathable products. The company produces a full collection of stylish golfwear including Technical Quick Dri shirts, trousers, knitwear and virtually everything the more discerning golfer may require to play at their best in all weather conditions.
Cross are now seen as a world wide company having sales staff in over 20 countries and are committed to providing today’s golfer with the very best clothing suited to the requirements of the most demanding golfers.



Thursday 17th March 2005

Louise KernneyUS College Golf

Scotland international player Louise Kenney from Pitreavie subsided to a final placing of joint 11th in a field of 100 after an early hat-trick of birdies had seen her jump into fifth place with 12 holes to play in the University of Nevada Las Vegas Spring Invitational women's college golf tournament on Wednesday (USA West Coast time).
Starting at the 10th hole, Louise, a golf scholarship student at Iowa State University, parred her first three holes and then birdied the 13th, 14th and 15th  That was the high point for her. She bogeyed the 18th, birdied the first and then dropped shots at the second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh for a closing half of four-over 40 in a round of two-over 74.
That gave the Scot a final total of 227 after earlier rounds of 81 and 72 over
the 6,009yd par-72 Black Mountain Golf & Country Club Course near Las Vegas. The tournament was won by Cassandra Kirkland (Arizona) with scores of 75, 69 and 76 for four-over 220.
Leading European was Dewi Schreefel, the pint-sized Dutch girl who is now a student at Southern California University. She finished tied fifth with 80, 75 and 70 (the best round of the final day) for 225.
Southern California (895) won the team event from Pepperdine (910) and Arizona (916). Iowa State (946) finished 10th.
220 Cassandrea Kirkland (Arizona) 75 69 76.
221 Eileen Vargas (Pepperdine) 74 75 72.
222 Catalina Marin (Southern Califnornia) 73 73 72.
Other scores:
225 Dewi Schreefel (Southern California) 80 75 70.
227 Louise Kenney (Iowa State) 81 72 74.
895 Southern California.
910 Pepperdine.
916 Arizona.
Other total:
946 Iowa State.


Louise Fleming from the Borders has been an instant success in the Jacksonville State University women’s golf team since her transfer from Minnesota University.
Louise finished third in the JSU Chris Bannister Classic women’s college tournament over 54 holes at Silver Lakes Golf Club, Calhoun County in Alabama.
She scored 79, 76 and 78 for a total of 233 – two behind team-mate Mercedes Huarte, an Argentinian, and Nikki Orazine (Murray State). Mercedes won a sudden-death play-off with a par at the first extra hole.
Jacksonville State, whose back-up team includes Scot Colette Murray (who recruited Louise Fleming), won the team event by 12 shots from Murray State with a total of 943.
It was Jacksonville State’s second straight team win since the arrival of Louise Fleming.
Sara Gallagher from Co Mayo, Ireland, another member of the cosmopolitan Jacksonville State team, finished 26th with scores of 90, 85 and 84 for 259.
231 Mercedes Huarte (Jacksonville State) 80 78 73, Nikki Orazine (Murray State) 78 76 77 (Huarte won play-off at first hole).
233 Louise Fleming (Jacksonville State) 79 76 78.
Other total:
250 Sara Gallagher (Jacksonville State) 90 85 84.
943 Jacksonville State.
955 Murray State.
967 Lamar.

US College Golf

Kate O’Sullivan, pictured right, from Paisley helped her college, High Point, win the team event in the NIU Springlake Invitational women’s college tournament at Springlake Golf Club, Sebring in Florida.
Kate shared the first-round lead with a two-over-par 74 but she slipped back to a final placing of 12th equal with a second-round 81 for 155 – nine shots behind tournament winner Leigh Sutton (Creighton).

US College Golf

Ireland’s Suzie Hayes (Notre Dame) finished sixth in the St Croix Collegiate Classic at Carambola Golf Club, St Croix in Virginia.
Suzie had rounds of 77, 82 and 75 over the 6,020yd, par-72 course for an aggregate of 234 – six shots behind the winner, team-mate Stacy Brown.
Notre Dame provided the first three in the final order and, with Suzie’s placing four of the first six.
Not surprisingly, Notre Dame (919) won the team title by 35 shots from Xavier University.
228 Stacy Brown (Notre Dame) 75 79 74.
229 Noriko Nakazaki (Notre Dame) 79 79 71.
230 Karen Lotta (Notre Dame) 79 75 76.
Other total:
234 (6th) Suzie Hayes (Notre Dame) 77 82 75.

US College Golf
Anna Scott 36th
England’s Anna Scott tied for 36th place in a field of 64 for the Waterlefe/USF Invitational at Waterlefe Golf Club, Bradenton in Florida.
Anna, a student at Georgia State University, scored a disappointing 78, 86 and 77 for 241 – 29 shots behind tournament winner Tina Miller.
Anna’s team-mate Lisbeth Meincke finished second on 214 (71 73 70).
Miami (888) won the team event from hosts USF (907). Georgia State came fifth with 918.

Wednesday 16th March 2005

Pamela FeggansUS College Golf

Ayrshire girl Pamela Feggans has scored her second win of the year on the United States women's college golf circuit.
Pamela, a student at Florida Southern, tied at the head of the field with Jenna Schmidt (North Carolina Greensboro) on four-over-par 220 at the end of the 54-hole Peggy Kirk Bell Invitational tournament, hosted by Rollins College, at Tuscawilla Country Club, Winter Springs in Florida.
Miss Feggans shot rounds of 74, 73 and 73 compared with 73 72 and 75 by Miss Schmidt.
The sudden-death play-off lasted only one hole with Pamela holing an 8ft putt for birdie and victory.
Pamela and Mariana De Biase (Rollins College), one of her great rivals on the Florida circuit, started the final day trailing Jenna Schmidt by two shots. Schmidt double-bogeyed the first hole of the third round while Pamela and Mariana parred it, thus wiping out the deficit very quickly.
De Biase took up a two-stroke lead over the Scottish player at one point after birding the par-5 seventh.
Miss Feggans stayed calm and chipped away at De Biase's lead, overhauling her over the closing holes of the third round. Then overnight leader Jenna Schmidt came with a late rush and birdied the last hole to force a play-off with Pamela in an exciting finish.
The win marked the sixth in all for Miss Feggans during her American college golfing career during which she has been placed in the top five on 16 occasions.
It was also her second win since the 2004-2005 season resumed. She won the University of Centra Florida Invitational in early February.
Pamela finished 13 shots ahead of her nearest Florida Southern team-mate which meant they finished fourth with 932. Rollins College (901) won from North Carolina-Greensboro (923) and Southern Illinois (928).
220 Pamela Feggans (Florida Southern) 74 73 73, Jenna Schmidt (NC-Greensboro) 73 72 75.
221 Mariana De Biase (Rollins) 74 73 74.
225 Vanessa Vela (Rollins) 79 72 74.
+Pamela tied for 45th place with scores of 71-77-77 in a Futures Tour event over 54 holes at Lakeland, Florida at the weekend. Former Curtis Cup player and past Scottish champion Heather Stirling missed the cut with scores of 79 and 78 for 157 - five shots over the limit. Four of the first five players at the end of the 54-hole tournament came from Korea or South Korea with Jin Young Pak winning on her pro debut. She won $9,100 by three strokes with rounds of 73, 69 and 69 for five-under-par 211.

US College Golf

Scotland international player Louise Kenney from Pitreavie had a hat-trick of early birdies in the third and final round of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Spring Invitational women's college golf tournament (WED, USA TIME) to improve her overnight ninth place to fifth in a field of 100.
Starting at the 10th hole, Louise, a golf scholarship student at Iowa State University, parred her first three holes and then birdied the 13th, 14th and 15th to have only five players ahead of her on the leaderboard with 12 holes to play in this prestigious event.
Miss Kenney started the tournament badly with a nine-over-par 81 over the 6,009yd par-72 Black Mountain Golf & Country Club Course near Las Vegas. But she steadied up considerably on the second day with a par-matching 72 (37-35).
Louise was on the 153 mark going into the final round, nine shots behind leader Cassandra Kirkland (Arizona) who had scored 75 and 69 for level par 144.

West Girls News (thanks to June Kerr)
An Ayrshire Girls 'B' Team enjoyed a friendly match against Dunbarton and Argyll 'B' team at Ravenspark on Sunday, 13th March.
Although it was a very cold afternoon with a few flakes of snow, the girls played on (good to be young!) and the match resulted in a half. Members of the Ayrshire team were Gillian Arnott and Linzi Allan (Kilbirnie), Lyndsey Weadon, Kathryn Rae, Katie MacPherson, Emma Duncan (Barassie), Alex Sargent (Skelmorlie) and Hannah Gaunt (Troon Bentinck). The D&A girls had two sets of sisters - Kerry and Zoe Differ, Jill and Lauren Meldrum, along with Lisa Byrne, Nicola Ferguson and Lynn Tangny. The socialising at the end of the match was an integral part - it was good to see the girls chatting, having fun and getting to know one another better.

US College Golf

WELSHMAN Rhys Davies from Bridgend has scored back-to-back wins on the American college circuit. The former British boys' open champion, a golf scholarship student at East Tennessee State University, won the General Jim Hacker Invitational at TPC of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to follow his victory in the Seminole Invitational.
Edinburgh-born Rhys, a member of the GB&I Walker Cup training squad for the match against the United States at Chicago Golf Club in August, scored 70, 73 and 71 for a two-under-par total of 214 over the 6,950yd, par-72 course.
He won by one shot from Dustin Johnson (Coastal Carolina) and Shane Sigshee (Notre Dame).
Irish teenager Cian McNama from Limerick, also a student at East Tennessee State, finished joint 14th on 225 with rounds of 73, 75 and 77.

St Andrews Bay logoLGU Press Release

Two consecutive weeks of the best of women’s golf will run at St Andrews following the announcement that the Vagliano Trophy will be played on The Torrance Course at St Andrews Bay Golf Resort & Spa on 27 and 28 July 2007.
Last year, details were given of the Weetabix Women’s Open Championship that will be played over the Old Course from 2-5 August 2007 and this latest statement confirms that the world’s best professionals and Europe’s top amateurs will be providing a double attraction for spectators at St Andrews.
In announcing details of the Vagliano Trophy, Susan Simpson, Championship Secretary of the LGU said: "We are delighted to have secured St Andrews Bay for the Vagliano Trophy as the resort provides almost unrivalled facilities of two fine championship courses and a hotel of the highest standard. "
"When the opportunity arose to run the Vagliano Trophy in the week prior to the Weetabix, we were quick to realise the importance of two such prestigious events being played at the Home of Golf in back- to-back weeks."
Stephen Carter, General Manager, St Andrews Bay Golf Resort & Spa said: "St Andrews Bay is delighted to be given the opportunity to host the Vagliano Trophy in 2007. It will be an honour for everyone here to work closely with the Ladies Golf Union in bringing such a prestigious ladies' golf tournament to St Andrews Bay and the Kingdom of Fife. It promises to be a very exciting couple of weeks for ladies’ golf and we are all very excited about being a part of it."
Players from both teams will be given exemption from pre-qualifying for the Weetabix, one of the four major championships in women’s professional golf.
The Vagliano Trophy is a biennial competition between the amateurs of GB&I and Europe and while the four matches from 1995 to 2001 resulted in wins for the Continent, GB&I reversed that trend in 2003 at County Louth with a narrow 12½ – 11½ win.
It was last played in Scotland in 1999, at North Berwick, and will move to France for this year’s match at Chantilly on 23 and 24 July.

London Golf Show logoLondon Golf Show Press Release
More than 500 people tried their hand at a novel form of golf in the heartland of exclusive shopping: Knightsbridge.
Harrods golf department hosted the launch of Umbrella Golf and after initial puzzlement, customers to the UK’s most prestigious store embraced the unusual event.
Umbrella Golf is a competition launched by the London Golf Show and, quite simply, involves putting a golf ball into a golf hole … with a crook-handled umbrella.
And the person who makes the most consecutive putts qualifies for a grand final at the show in April and the opportunity to win a five-day, five-star break for two at the St Andrews Bay resort, in Scotland.
The event was inspired by the London Golf Show’s logo of a golf ball and brolley – and it didn’t take long to capture the public’s imagination.
But it is not as simple as it sounds. The top score over the two days was just five. Not many, but it was enough to earn Ludwig Gebel, a German tourist from Laudshut, a place in the final at the London Golf Show.
His prize on the day was a pair of tickets for the show and a London Golf Show brolley.
The London Golf Show’s managing director, Ross Broadstock, was one of the show staff on hand at Harrods, encouraging people to participate.
He said: “Harrods is such a cosmopolitan experience – we lost count of the number of different nationalities who were keen to take part.
“It’s such a simple concept but great fun. We thought we’d give the bowler-hatted, umbrella-carrying businessman stereotype a golfing angle. And, gauging initial public reaction, it seems to have worked.”
Kirsty Vinten, general merchandise manager for sports at Harrods said: “We were delighted to host the launch of Umbrella Golf. Our golf department offers all the latest clothing and equipment, so it’s natural we’re involved with what is bound to become the latest craze in golf.”
Umbrella golf is being taken on a mini-tour of London, followed by several trips out of the capital.
Broadstock added: “The idea is to spread the word about the London Golf Show, obviously. But it’s also a great way to have fun and remove some of the perceptions that often surround golf.”
Umbrella Golf visits Thorpe Park on March 16 and 22 and Camden Council has incorporated the competition into two of its Easter holiday programmes for children.
The four-day London Golf Show takes place at Docklands’ ExCel Centre from April 21-24.

Tuesday 15th March 2005

Calling all East of Scotland Girls....
If you have a handicap and you are a member of your County Golf Association (East Lothian, Fife, Midlothian or Stirling and Clackmannan) then please join. Pick up an application form here.
The first event is the Spring Meeting at Longniddry on 4th April. You can enter via the EoSG website.

Scottish Golf Writers' Championship
Mike Aitken,pictured right, of "The Scotsman" retained the Alex Fox Trophy by winning the 41st staging of the Scottish golf writers' golf  championship over the tough new, D J Russell-designed Fidra course at Archerfield Links, East Lothian (ON TUES, MAR 15).
Mike, playing off 14 of a handicap, scored 31 Stableford points (15-16), pipping Aussie-born freelance Bernie McGuire and Douglas Lowe (The Herald) by a single point.
The best Stableford score of the day was returned by Hamish Grey, the New Zealand-born chief executive of the Scottish Golf Union. Hamish, playing off 18, amassed 34pt - 20 on the outward half and 14 after the turn. Hamish won the top guest's award - a Callaway Odyssey two-ball putter, and also the sweepstake.
Photographer Peter Kelly, father of Tartan Tour professional Chris Kelly, was runner-up in this category with 30pt (16-14) off two of a handicap.
Golf historian and women's amateur golf website operator Gillian Kirkwood, the only lady in the small but select, finished third in the guests' section. The former Scottish Ladies Golfing Association chairman, scored 28 Stableford points with halves of 14 and 14 on a testing day of latterly wind and rain.
The prize list was mainly sponsored by the PGA Scottish Region, Callaway Golf Europe and the Scottish Golf Union. The Archerfield Links management gave the writers the courtesy of the course, a free lunch and a bag of gifts to take home.
31pt Mike Aitken (The Scotsman) (14) 15-16.
30pt Bernie McGuire (freelance) (16) 11-19, Douglas Low (The Herald) (11) 15-15.
27pt Jock MacVicar (Scottish Daily Express) (11) 12-15, Nick Rodger (David Begg Sports Agency) (18) 15-12.
26pt Allan Herron (retired) (13) 16-10.
21pt Jack Robertson (retired) (18) 12-9.
34pt Hamish Grey (SGU) (18) 20-14.
30pt Peter Kelly (photographer) (2) 16-14.
28pt Gillian Kirkwood ( (12) 14-14.
27pt Ron Marshall (Scottish PGA Press Officer) (13) 12-15.
26pt Ian Rutherford (photographer) (18) 13-13.
23pt Andy Forman (photographer) (18) 9-14, David Begg (broadcaster) (10) 16-7.
Jock MacVicar
Bernie McGuire
Hamish Grey.

AS weather pundits predict a hot summer and the Environment Agency's 'Water Resources Strategy' kicks in, golf courses are being urged to get their water recycling procedures in order.
"Because the past two summers have been relatively wet, many clubs have stopped thinking about irrigation and turned their attentions to drainage instead," says Richard Bowler from Waterproofing Services Limited.
"This is madness, especially as clubs now have a legal obligation to become self-sufficient in terms of water supply.
"Because clubs won't be allowed to create bore holes to irrigate their courses, they need to start using the water that naturally collects around the club throughout the year."
Waterproofing Services designs and installs a system that diverts rain from guttering and downpipes at golf courses to lakes that store the water until it is needed for irrigation.
"The lakes become an attractive and intrinsic part of the course, while also acting as a practical water store. The system pays for itself very quickly and we're confident that it will be a feature of most golf courses in the future," adds Bowler.
Ken Bray from Cambridge-based DRC Polymers, which manufactures the high-tech material used in the lakes, believes the system will save golf clubs a lot of money:
"Club houses and out buildings mean that most golf courses have a massive surface area of roofs.  Rain that falls on these roofs normally just goes to ground and is wasted.  By diverting and storing this rain, courses can make huge savings.  Lakes can be any size a club wants, from a few square metres
to a whole football pitch."
Waterproofing Services designs and installs lakes at golf clubs across the UK.  Recent projects have included London & Hatfield Country Club, London Golf Club and Hanbury Manor.

Monday 14th March 2005

Tropicana Essentials is to be the title sponsor of the Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship in an agreement signed today (Monday) by the Ladies’ Golf Union.
The Tropicana Essentials Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship will be played at Littlestone Golf Club from 7-11 June and while the agreement is for one year, it allows for a future contract extension after the initial period.
"This is a historic agreement for the Ladies’ Golf Union since it is the first time that our premier amateur tournament, the Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship has been sponsored," said Andy Salmon, CEO of the Ladies’ Golf Union.
"We are very much aware of the tradition that has accrued to the Ladies’ Amateur Championship since it first started in 1893 and are convinced that the introduction of a commercial sponsor, Tropicana Essentials, can only enhance the experience of playing in the championship for each of the 144 competitors."
Alison May, Tropicana Essentials Brand Manager, said: "Tropicana Essentials is delighted to be able to support the Ladies’ Golf Union and ladies golf at grass roots level. We feel that our range of juices, which provide additional health benefits are the perfect addition to a healthy, active lifestyle."
In addition to sponsoring the championship, Tropicana Essentials will be providing a supply of juice at all amateur events organised by the LGU.
Tropicana Essentials is a range of delicious juices, each with its own extra benefits, Multivitamins, Low Acid, Calcium and Fibre. They are an easy and great tasting way to help support a healthy balanced diet.

US College Golf

Rough weather for the Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational 54-hole tournament at Austin, Texas was perhaps the explanation for the stars of the American women’s college circuit being pushed out of the limelight by some lesser known players.
The winner over the University of Texas Par-72 course of 6,323yd was Stacy Lewis (Arkansas) with an eight-over-par tally of 224 (74, 73, 77).
She won by two shots from three players: Anna Grzebien (Duke), Catherine Matranga (Texas Christian) and Mallorie Underwood (Oklahoma State).
American Curtis Cup player Annie Thurman was the highest-placed “name” player in fifth place on 227.
British open amateur champion Louise Stahle (Arizona State) – leading player on the US college rankings – tied for seventh place on 228 with US Curtis Cup player Liz Janangelo (Duke).
A third member of the American team who beat GB&I at Formby last year, Brittany Lang (Duke), shared 10th place on 230.
There was an exciting finish to the team event with Duke University winning by a single shot from Oklahoma State.
224 Stacy Lewis (Arkansas) 74 73 77.
226 Anna Grzebien (Duke) 75 77 74, Catherine Matranga (Texas Christian) 76 75 75, Mallorie Underwood (Okllahoma State) 76 80 70.
Other totals:
227 (5th) Annie Thurman (Oklahoma State)( 76 76 75.
228 (7th) Louise Stahle (Arizona State) 77 75 76, Liz Janangelo (Duke) 74 78 76.
230 (10th) Brittany Lang (Duke) 79 78 73.
914 Duke.
915 Oklahoma State.
924 Texas.
926 Arizona State.
927 Arkansas.
938 Texas Christian

Mens' Amateur

Walker Cup year always sets a fresh target for those players hoping to make the team for the match against the U.S. and with August looming, many potential team members have already entered the St Andrews Links Trophy. This will be played over the Jubilee and Old Courses, St Andrews, from 20 - 22 May.
Welshman Nigel Edwards was one of the first to enter the Links Trophy and in any team which must by necessity have a balance of youth and experience, Edwards' record in the last two Walker Cup contests, must give him a reasonable chance of being selected for this year's match in Chicago. At Ganton in 2003 he was undefeated with two wins and two halved matches and in the Sunday singles his squared match with Lee Williams was crucial in giving GB&I their third consecutive win in the series.
So far, nine members of the GB&I Elite Squad have filed entries for St Andrews and with nearly five weeks to go until entries close on 15 April, a ballot will almost certainly be required for the starting field of 144 players.
Other members of the Elite Squad who have entered include Michael Skelton, the youngest member of the 2003 Walker Cup team, James Williams and Gareth Wright, Welsh team members alongside Nigel Edwards, English players Matthew Baldwin, 18, the 2004 England boy captain, Oliver Fisher and 20 year old Matthew Richardson, last year's winner of the Brabazon Trophy and the European Individual Title. The Scottish squad members who have already entered are George Murray, the Scottish Amateur champion and Jamie McLeary, last year's winner of the St Andrews Links Trophy with a three under par score of 284.
Competitors who qualify as one of the best 40 scores and ties after the first two rounds on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May over the Jubilee course, will play the final 36 holes on the Old Course on the Sunday. And with preparations well under way for The Open Championship over these same historic links in July, many of Europe's top amateurs will be confronted with the same examination that will be put to the world's top professionals six weeks later.

Mens Amateur

New Zealander Matt Holten followed up his previous week’s triumph in the Australian men’s amateur foursomes championship by winning the Riversdale Cup, Australia’s premier 72-hole stroke-play tournament, at Riversdale Country Club, Victoria.
Holten had a clear lead coming down the home straight of the fourth round until his nearest rival, Won Joon Lee (New South Wales) finished birdie-birdie-eagle to tie on 14-under-par 274.
Holton won the play-off with a birdie at the third extra hole.
Former England champion Lee Corfield was the leading British player in the final placings. He took eighth place with a total of 282.
Eric Ramsay (Carnoustie) finished tied 36th on 290. Graeme Brown (Royal Montrose) came 64th on 300.
274 Matt Holten (New Zealand) 66 69 71 68, Won Joon Lee (New South Wales 71 67 68 68 (Holten won sudden-death play-off at third extra hole).
279 Andrew Dodt (Queensland) 70 70 74 65, Steven Binns (New South Wales) 75 67 70 67, Leighton Lyle (Victoria) 70 71 68 70, David Lutterus (South Australia) 67 72 70 70.
British players’ totals:
282 (8th) Lee Corfield (Eng) 72 67 76 67.
290 (36th) Eric Ramsay (Sco) 70 75 74 71.
292 (46th) Gary Wolstenholme (Eng) 78 74 73 67.
296 (59th) Matthew Richardson (Eng) 76 73 73 74.
300 (64th) Graeme Brown (Sco) 74 75 76 75.

Sunday 13th March 2005

Scottish warm weather training squad on their way to Spain yesterday.
Back row: L to R: Emma Wilson (Chairman SLGA), Cara Gruber, Jocelyn Carthew, Krystle Caithness, Kylie Walker, Sally Watson
Front Row: L to R: Gemma Webster, Laura Murray, Michele Thomson, Carly Booth and Roseanne Niven
(Photo courtesy Graham Thomson)

Kate O'SulllivanUS Student News

Paisley player Kate O’Sullivan, a student at High Point College, North Carolina, has scored her second win of the 2004-2005 US women’s college circuit.
Kate followed up her September victory by winning the Monarch Invitational at Forest Creek Country Club, Southern Pines, North Carolina.
She had a little bit of help from the weather. The scheduled second round was cancelled because of bad weather, leaving first-round leaders Kate and her High Point team-mate Anni Svensson from Sweden tied on 80.
Kate won the card play-off to decide the tournament’s individual winner.
Jenna Kinnear from Belfast, another High Point team member, returned an 89.
High Point (333) also won the team event, beating the only other two contestants, William & Mary (340) and Methodist (341).
80 Kate O’Sullivan (High Point), Anni Svensson (High Point) (O’Sullivan won card count-back for first place after second round was cancelled).
81 Erika Oldenkamp (William & Mary), Katie Dick (William & Mary).
84 Lena Svensson (High Point).


The Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association is pleased to announce a new event for girl golfers. The first Girls’ Inter Division Matches, sponsored by BP, will take place at Ballumbie Castle Golf Club on 11 & 12 June 2005.
Teams of six girls from each of the four divisions will play foursomes matches. The winners on Saturday afternoon will play each other on Sunday morning for the trophy with the losers playing for 3rd and 4th place.
The draw for the first round of matches on Saturday afternoon is North v East, West v South.
Mrs Emma Wilson, Chairman of the SLGA, commented
“This is an exciting new venture designed to give the girls matchplay experience. We are delighted that BP, who have been great supporters of junior golf in Scotland over the last few years, are continuing their association with us by sponsoring these matches”.

US College Golf

British women’s open amateur champion Louise Stahle climbed up from a share of 18th place to be tied for sixth going into Sunday’s final round of the Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational women’s college tournament over the 6,323yd, par-72 University of Texas course at Austin.
The Swedish player, a golf scholarship student at Arizona State University, followed up a 77 with a 75 for 152, which was good enough in an event, where nobody is burning up the course, to be five shots off the pace being set by Stacy Lewis (Arkansas) with 74 and 73 for three-over-par 147.
She leads by three strokes.
Two US Curtis Cup players are alongside Louise Stahle on the 152 mark – Liz Janangelo (Duke) and Annie Thurman (Oklahoma State).
Arkansas (611) lead the team event from Duke (614) and Oklahoma State (616).
147 Stacy Lewis (Arkansas) 74 73.
150 Maddie Augustsson (Missouri) 75 75, Camille Blackerby (Texas Christian) 79 71.
Other scores:
152 Louise Stahle (Arizona State) 77 75, Liz Janangelo (Duke) 74 78, Annie Thurman (Oklahoma State) 76 76.

Mens' Amateur News

Carnoustie’s Eric Ramsay is tied for 50th place and Graeme Brown (Royal Montrose) is joint 96th in a field of 160 as the Riversdale Cup men’s open tournament at Mount Waverley, Victoria in Australia enters its fourth and final round on Monday.
Ramsay has scored 70, 75 and 74 for a three-over-par tally of 219.
Brown is on 225 after scores of 74, 75 and 76. English Walker Cup veteran Gary Wolstenholme is also on 225 after returning 78, 74 and 73.
Other Englishmen in the field are Lee Corfield (26th on 215), Matthew Richardson (80th on 222) and Michael Skelton (tied 91st on 224).
New Zealander Matt Holton shares the lead on 10-under-par 206 with New South Wales player Won Joon Lee.
206 Matt Holten (New Zealand) 66 69 71, Won Joon Lee (New South Wales) 71 67 68.
209 Leighton Lyle (Victortia) 70 71 68, David Lutterus (South Australia) 67 72 70.
Other scores:
215 Lee Corfield (England) 72 67 76.
219 Eric Ramsay (Scotland) 70 75 74.
222 Matthew Richardson (England) 76 73 73.
224 Michael Skelton (England) 77 70 77.
225 Graeme Brown (Scotland) 74 75 76, Gary Wolstenholme (England) 78 74 73.

Saturday 12th March 2005

Mens' Amateur News

Eric Ramsay (Carnoustie) and Graeme Brown (Royal Montrose) were not in contention at the halfway stage of the Riversdale Cup men's open tournament at Riversdale Golf Club, Victoria in Australia.
Eric has had rounds of 70 and 75 for 145 - four shots ahead of Graeme who has scored 74 and 75.
New Zealander Matt Holten, joint winner of the Australian men's foursomes title over the same course earlier in the week, maintained his good form to lead by two shots with scores of 66 and 69 for a nine-under-par tally of 135.
135 Matt Holten (NZ) 66 69.
137 Mitchell Brown (New South Wales) 69 69.
138 Andrew Martin (Victoria) 71 67, Won Jon Lee (New South Wales) 71 67.
Other scores:
139 Lee Corfield (Eng) 72 67.
145 Eric Ramsay (Sco) 70 75.
147 Mike Skelton (Eng) 77 70.
149 Graeme Brown (Sco) 74 75, Matthew Richardson (Eng) 76 73.
152 Gary Wolstenholme (Eng0 78 74.

County News

Mary Hayden, new secretary-treasurer of Northern Counties Ladies Golfing Association, brings to the post a wealth of experience in golf administration gained in her native Worcestershire.
“I moved to Scotland four years ago with my husband Colin to enjoy early retirement. We had spent many a happy golfing holiday in Scotland, especially in the Highland area, and been members of Brora Golf Club for several years. So it was the perfect solution to retire here,” said Mary who lives at Tarlogie, by Tain in Ross-shire.
“I started playing golf in 1969 and have been a member of golf clubs within Worcestershire county before transferring to the Highlands. I have spent 16 years on committee at my last club, Gay Hill, Hollywood, Worcestershire and had pleasure in holding various offices, including Secretary and Ladies’ Captain on two separate occasions.”
Mrs Hayden is currently a member of Tain, Brora and Bonar Bridge Golf Clubs and has recently become Child Protection Officer for Bonar Bridge/Ardgay Golf Club.
Mary and Colin are PGA Level 1 golf instructions at Bonar Bridge and assist with the local schools in introducing pupils to the game of golf – “an extremely rewarding experience,” says Mary who stepped into the breach as Northern Counties LGA’s secretary-treasurer in early March when Mrs Pam Moscati (Royal Dornoch), herself only fairly recently appointed, had to stand down on medical advice.
“Northern Counties Ladies have a very challenging year ahead with the ambition to win the Scottish team championship for the third successive year. I look forward to supporting the association for the future.”

Mens' Amateur News

Graeme Brown from Royal Montrose and Carnoustie’s Eric Ramsay finished 44th in a field of 62 pairings for the Australian men’s amateur foursomes championship at Riversdale Golf Club, Melbourne.
Graeme and Eric had rounds of 75 and 80 for a total of 155 over the par-72 course.
Matt Holten and Brad Iles from New Zealand won by two shots with rounds of 70 and 69 for 139.
139 70 69 Matt HOLTEN Brad ILES NZ
141 73 68 Geoff LEONARD Matt SMITH NSW/ACT
142 72 70 Tom DAVIS Andrew DODT Qld
142 72 70 Ben PISANI Jason DAY Qld
143 74 69 Luke BLEUMINK Dave WALKER Vic
144 69 75 Steve JONES Adam PORKER Vic
144 70 74 Rohan BLIZARD Brad STUART NSW/NZ
145 73 72 Mikhal RADIBRATOVIC Jarrod ROXBY SA
145 74 71 Darren TAN Michael DENNIS WA
145 75 70 Jae Han LEE Ji Ho YANG Kor
146 73 73 Matthew RICHARDSON Gary WOLSTENHOLME Eng
Other totals:
155 75 80 Graeme BROWN Eric RAMSAY Sco
157 81 76 Lee CORFIELD Michael SKELTON Eng
160 80 80 Christopher TRUNZER Duncan WOOD Ger/Eng

Friday 11th March 2005

A significant piece of research to establish a benchmark for the future of the game for women in Great Britain and Ireland is to be commissioned by the Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU).
The LGU is the governing body for ladies’ amateur golf in Great Britain & Ireland and represents 220,000 playing members in the four countries with the consent of the English Ladies Golf Association, the Irish Ladies Golf Union, the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association and the Welsh Ladies Golf Association.
Its study will target club secretaries, golf club members and non-members to define the issues, to gather opinion and to gain understanding of the depth of feeling across the full range of female golfers in order to guide policymaking and structure future development projects.
Andy Salmon, LGU secretary and chief executive, said: "We want to know who is playing golf, the nature of the game they are playing, where they are playing, why they are playing and, of course, when they are playing."
"This organisation is charged with advancing and safeguarding the interest of ladies’ golf and with the extensive detail this study will provide, the LGU will form the long term future strategy for the game. We will also make the study available to the many stakeholders in the wider game of golf to support the design and planning of development activities."
Initial research results are expected early this Summer.

(Tytherington, Cheshire – March 11 2005)
Two of the world’s most talented teenage golf stars have confirmed their attendance at this year’s Evian Masters, from 20th to 23rd July 2005, at the Evian Masters GC in Evian-les-Bains, France.
Michelle Wie, the phenomenal 15-year-old amateur from Honolulu in Hawaii will be competing in her second Evian Masters alongside Ai Miyazato, the 19-year-old Women’s’ World Cup of Golf winner from Okinawa in Japan.
Wie finished tied for 33rd place with an aggregate one-under-par when she competed in the prestigious event in 2004 and already has an impressive career history at her young age which includes numerous appearances on the LPGA Tour and competing against the men on the European Tour’s Sony Open earlier this year.
But it will be Miyazato’s first appearance at Evian and the diminutive teen star is bound to draw colossal galleries after her breathtaking victory alongside Rui Kitada at the inaugural Women’s World Cup of Golf at the Links G&CC at Fancourt in South Africa in February.
The 5’2” tall player, who won five times in her rookie year on the Japanese Tour in 2004, displayed her breathtaking ability again a week later at the ANZ Ladies Masters in Australia when she equalled the course record at Royal Pines Resort with a nine-under-par 63 in the first round and held the lead in a top class field after the first, second and third rounds, only to be defeated by a fast charging Karrie Webb on Sunday.
Miyazato is more famous than Tiger Woods in her home country and regularly brings a posse of media and supporters to each event she plays in. Along with the six-feet tall big-hitting Michelle Wie, often referred to as the female Tiger Woods, and allied to one of the strongest fields during the season, galleries and viewers can expect to see golf of the highest level at the 12th edition of the Evian Masters.
The Evian Masters has been played on the LET since 1994 and is ranked as the second biggest prize fund in Women’s golf behind the US Open.
Since its inception, The Evian Masters has witnessed a preponderance of luminaries winning the coveted title including Swedes Catrin Nilsmark, Helen Alfredsson and Annika Sorenstam, Laura Davies from England, Julie Inkster from the USA, Rachel Hetherington from Australia, Hiromi Kobayashi from Japan and Wendy Doolan from Australia, who defeated the World number one Sorenstam in a thrilling display in 2004 with a final round seven under 65 around this spectacular course.

Thursday 10th March 2005

Northern Counties News

Pam Moscati (Royal Dornoch), recently appointed secretary of the Northern Counties Ladies Golf Association, has resigned due to ill health. She has been advised by her doctor to take things a bit easier for the immediate future.
“We wish her a speedy recovery and thank her very much for all her efforts on behalf of Northern Counties,” said NCLGA captain Mairi C Orr (Tain).
The new secretary-treasurer is Mary Hayden who lives near Tain. Mary is one of the North volunteer coaches on the clubgolf scheme.

US College Golf

Anna Scott, from Consett & District, Durham, tied for 45th place in the Pinehurst Challenge women's college tournament at Pinehurst, North Carolina.
The 19-year-old six-footer, a freshman golf scholarship student at  Georgia State University,
had rounds of 87, 78 and 78 for a 54-hole total of 243 over the tough par-72, 6,009hd Pinehurst No 8 course. But for that opening round when little went right for her, Anna would have probably have achieved a top-20 finish.
There were 30mph winds and hail storms for the final round and Anna's 78 helped Georgia State to record the second-lowest team score of the day.
The Lady Panthers jumped up six spots for a tournament total of 953 which placed them seventh in a field of 18 behind Washington State (918),  the team winners.
Anna Scott's team-mate, Lisbeth Meincke tied for third place on 227 with scores of
76, 74 and 77 for 227. UNC Wilmington's Becky Berzonski and Michelle Jarman shared individual medalist honours after tieing for first place on 224.
"I'm really proud of the girls," commented Georgia State women's head coach Cathy Mant. "The playing conditions were very difficult with high winds and hail storms. The girls kept plugging through the weather conditions and it was a great way to finish the tournament with the second lowest round of the day."

US College Golf

Edinburgh-born Rhys Davies from Wales, a member of the Great Britain & Ireland Walker Cup squad, added to his list of tournament successes on the US college circuit by winning the Seminole Intercollegiate tournament at Golden Eagle Country Club, Tallahassee in Florida.
Former British boys champion Davies, a golf scholarship student at East Tennessee State University, had rounds of 60, 67 and 71 for a nine-under-par total of 207 to win by six shots over a 6,847yd course with a par of 72.

US College Golf

Newmachar's Euan McIntosh, a student at Texas Wesleyan University, tied for eighth place in the Texas Intercollegiate golf tournament at Hawks Creek Golf Club, Fort Worth.
Euan had rounds of 72, 76 and 70 over the par-72, 6,847yd course for a total of two-over 218 - nine shots behind tournament winner Juan Lizzaralde (Oklahoma Christian) with scores of 69, 72 and 68.
Texas Wesleyan (870) were runners-up to Oklahoma Christian (858) in the team event.

US College Golf

Carnoustie's Keir McNicoll, a golf scholarship student at Tyler University, Boca Raton in Florida, returned to something like the formed that earned him the title 2004 Sunshine State Conference Player of the Year when he tied for fifth place in the Buccaneer Invitational men's college tournament at Hillcrest Golf Club, Hollywood in Florida (tournament finished March 8).
Keir, who was 62nd in his last competitive appearance and never higher than 15th earlier in the 2004-2005 college season, shot rounds of 71, 72 and 70 for a three-under-par total of 213 - eight shots behind the tournament winner Blake Slaughter (St Edwards) who had scores of 69, 67 and 69 over the par-72, 7,076yd course.
McNicoll had a haul of 14 birdies over the three rounds and had the lowest aggregate score for the par-3s in the field of 85.
Gavin Dear from Perth, the other Scot on the Tyler University golf roster, finished 11th on 217 with scores of 71, 73 and 73. It was the consistent Gavin's third top-15 placing in a row this year.
Lynn University (861) finished runners-up to North Alabama (858) in the team event.

US College Golf

Kevin McAlpine from Alyth, a student at Colorado State University, tied for second place in a field of 75 for the Irish Invitational tournament at Mission Inn, Howie in the Hills, Florida.
Kevin had rounds of 72, 73 and 75 for a four-over-par total of 220 over the par-72, 6,901yd course.
Winner by five shots was Judd Easterling (Wichita State) with 67, 75 and 74.
Colorado State (889) finished runners-up to Wichita State (885) in the team event.


Wednesday 9th March 2005

US College Golf

Ireland international player Maria Dunne from Co Dublin tied for fifth place in a field of 93 for the Lady Jaguar Invitational tournament at Mobile, Alabama.
Maria, a student at Bethune-Cookman College, had rounds of 74 and 76 for a total 150 over the 5,821yd, par 72 Azalea City golf course.
Team-mate Fiona Brunton from Cornwall was joint 35th on 158 with scores of 78 and 80.
Taryn Durham (Middle Tennessee) won the event by five shots with a 71 and 72 for 143.
Middle Tennessee (602) won the team title from McNeese State (604) and Birmingham Southern (608).
143 Taryn Durham (Mid Tennessee) 71 72.
148 Lauren Dodge (Birmingham Southern) 76 72, Maria Engstrom (McNeese State) 69 79, Maggie Gill (Mid Tennessee) 72 76.
150 Maria Dunne (Bethune-Cookman) 74 76, Caitlin Ogren (Birmingham Southern) 74 76, Lisa Westman (McNeese State) 77 73, Jill Stupiansky (Birmingham Southern) 76 74. .
Other total:
158 Fiona Brunton (Bethune-Cookman) 78 80.
602 Middle Tennessee.
604 McNeese State.
608 Birmingham Southern.
621 South Alabama, Troy, Southern Mississippi.

Tuesday 8th March 2005

SLGA St Leonards Under 16 Open Stroke Play Championship
The closing date for the Scottish Under 16 Championship to be held over the Strathtyrum Course at St Andrews, is Friday 11 March at 12 noon.
Pick up an entry form on the SLGA website.

West of Scotand Girls
Fixtures for the 2005 season are now on the West Girls webpage

US College Golf

Maria Dunne from County Dublin was lying joint fourth at the end of the first round of the Lady Jaguar Invitational women’s college tournament at Mobile in Alabama.
Marina had a score of 74 (37-37) over the 5,821yd, par-72 course at Azalea City Golf Club.
Leading the field was Maria Engstrom, one of two players from Stockholm on the McNeese State University roster. Maria had havles of 33 and 36 for a 69 and a two-shot lead from Taryn Durham (Middle Tennessee State).
69 Maria Engstrom (McNeese State) 33-36.
71 Taryn Durham (Mid Tennessee State) 34-37.
72 Maggie McGill (Mid Tennessee State 37-35.
74 Maria Dunne (Bethune-Cookman) 37-37, Caitlin Ogren (Birmingham Southern) 39-35, Janel Bailey (McNeese State) 37-37.
75 Katelyn Crosson (Troy) 37-38, Elin Anderson (South Alabama) 37-38.
298 McNeese State.
300 Mid Tennessee State.
303 Birmingham Southern./
308 South Alabama, Troy.
311 Bethune-Cookman.

Monday 7th March 2005

US College Golf

High Point University, North Carolina golf team members Jenna Kinnear from Belfast and Paisley's Kate O'Sullivan finished tied ninth and joint 31st respectively in the Coca-Cola Terrier Intercollegiate women's tournament at Carolina Country Club, Spartanburg, North Carolina.
Jenna shot 78 and 82 for a total of 160 - eight shots behind tournament winner Nicole Wildes (Berry College) who had a pair of 76s for 152 and a two-shot victory.
Kate, who won a college event in the first half of the 2004-2005 college golf season, was not at her best after the mid-winter break. She had scores of 87 and 84 for 171.
High Point (650) finished runners-up to East Tennessee State (631) with Wofford College (650) in the field of 10 for the team event.

Faldo Series Press Release
Nick Faldo Brings Exciting New Opportunities to Young Golfers
7th March 2005: Nick Faldo has announced an exciting new opportunity for young golfers throughout the country. The Faldo Series has teamed up with to create seven free-to-enter Faldo Series Qualifiers, giving up to 700 young golfers nationwide the opportunity to qualify for the Faldo Series 2005 without paying a penny. has come on board as a major partner for the Faldo Series and has been instrumental in developing this unique opportunity. Further Information

UK University Golf

The University of Stirling dominated the proceedings at the Scottish Universities’ Invitational Tournament played at the prestigious St. Andrews Bay Resort on Sunday. The men’s team won by 3 shots from St. Andrews, whilst Stirling students Jamie Mcleary (73) and Kylie Walker (70) won the men’s and women’s individual prizes.
The event, organised to coincide with the visit of the University of Connecticut men’s golf team to Scotland, was played in glorious conditions over the Torrance Course. 50 players competed for trophies and prizes donated kindly by Dragnet Sourcing.
Gordon Niven, Stirling’s Head Coach, was delighted with the performances of the players. He commented:
‘I am delighted that the Stirling players performed well in the competitive environment. They have worked hard on their games over the past month. I’m sure the week-long training camp in Tunisia helped enormously.’
Leading scores:

Team Individual Men Individual Women
Stirling 1 299
St. Andrews 1 302
Connecticut 1 308
Stirling 2 310
Glasgow 314
St. Andrews 2 315
Strathclyde 324
Connecticut 2 326
Heriot-Watt 345
Jamie Mcleary (Stir) 73 (better inward 6)
Mark Hillson (St. And) 73
Gordon Yates (Stir) 74
Neil Cameron (Stir) 75
Jason Parajeckas (Conn) 75
Ross Dixon (St. And) 75
Kylie Walker (Stir) 70
Alex Marshall (Stir) 79
Emma Tipping (Stir) 82

US College Golf

Myrte Eikenaar from the Netherlands scored her first win on the American women's college circuit in the Lady Gator Invitational over the University of Florida course at Gainesville on Sunday.
Myrte, a golf scholarship student at Purdue University, had rounds of 73, 72 and 70 over the 5,927yd, par-70 course for a five-over-par total of 215 to win by a single shot from Ashley Hoagland (Wake Forest) who shot 71, 75 and 70.
Kristen White (Ohio State) was third on 219 with three rounds of 73.
Sweden's Christine Hallstrom (Wake Forest), joint overnight leader with Miss Eikenaar, faded to a tied sixth finish with a 77 for 222 - the same aggregate as the top-ranked US circuit and Curtis Cup player, Liz Janangelo (Duke).
Another US Curtis Cup team member from Formby last June, Brittany Lang (Duke) finished fifth on 221.
Duke University, favourites for the team title, finished third on 903 behind Wake Forest (883) and Auburn (902).
215 Myrte Eikenaar (Purdue) 73 72 70.
216 Ashley Hoagland (Wake Forest) 71 75 70.
219 Kristen Whte (Ohio Statge) 73 73 73.
220 Diana Ramage (Auburn) 75 72 73.
221 Brittany Lang (Duke) 74 75 72.
222 Liz Janangelo (Duke) 72 77 73, Christine Hallstrom (Wake Forest) 71 74 77.
883 Wake Forest.
902 Auburn.
903 Duke.
907 Ohio State.
921 Purdue.
922 Florida.

Thanks to all who replied to the request for ideas for golf bag design on the Bulletin Board.........

Dear Kirkwood Golf,
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all your members that contacted me and helped with the development with our new range of Ladies golf bags and accessories.
Our new brand "G R E E N n v " will be available in all good golf shops from May and we are already having a lot of interest from the trade.
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Brendan O'Doherty
G R E E N n v

Sunday 6th March 2005

Were you a West of Scotland Girl?
Put Wednesday 9th August 2006 in your diary now!

West of Scotland Girls' Golf Association are celebrating their Golden Jubilee in 2006 and are going to hold a strokeplay competition over Troon Portland with lunch in the Ladies' Golf Club House on Wednesday 9th August 2006.
The West Girls committee are most grateful to Royal Troon for giving them the courtesy of the course, the Ladies Golf Club, Troon for their proposed hospitality.
The competition format will possibly be a Tri-am stableford with the emphasis on ENJOYMENT and all old girls, whether they play golf now or not will be most welcome.
There will be more news on this site - keep watching!
If you wish to register interest email the Chairman Wilma Leburn

US College Golf

Former Scottish girls' champion Laura Walker from Nairn, a student at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, achieved one of her highest tournament finishes on the United States women's college circuit in the East-West Rio Verde Invitational over the White Wing course, Rio Verde in Arizona (tournament finished Saturday).
Laura, a member at Nairn Dunbar Golf Club and winner of the Scottish girls' match-play title at Powfoot in 2002, had rounds of 77, 80 and 72 for a 54-hole total of 229. That put her in a tie for 11th place behind winner Laura Olin (Michigan) with scores of 73, 74 and 71 for five-over-par 218 over the 6,074yd par-71 course.
Miss Walker had a triple bogey and two double bogeys in her first two rounds but she eradicated the serious lapses on her final halves of 37 (two over) and 35 (one under) with birdies at the 12th and 14th to offset bogeys at the first, eighth and 15th.
The other Scots in the Arkansas-Little Rock team - Emily Ogilvie (Muckhart) and Carnoustie's Fiona Gilbert - had mixed fortunes. Emily had scores of 81, 73 and 79 for a share of 23rd place on 233 in the field of 108. Emily, who had three birdies and a double bogey on the second day,  had been in the top 20 before her final round where she was unable to get a birdie and bogeyed the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, 12th, 14th and 17th in halves of 40 and 39.
Fiona, beaten finalist in the 2000 Scottish girls championship, tied for 98th place on 257 with scores of 89, 84 and 84.
Arkansas-Little Rock (945) tied for seventh place in the team event which was won by Michigan (900) by 19 shots from Iowa with Minnesota (921) third.

US College Golf

Sweden's Christine Hallstrom (Wake Forest) and Myrte Eikenaar (Purdue) from the Netherlands are sharing the lead on five-over-par 145 going into Sunday's final round in the Lady Gator Invitational  over the par-70, 5,927yd  University of Florida course at Gainesville.
Myrte has had rounds of 73 and 72 to Christine's 71 and 74.
They lead by one shot from Ashley Hoagland (Wake Forest) (71-75) and Kristen White (Ohio State) (73-73).
Top-ranked Liz Janangelo and her Duke University and US Curtis Cup team-mate Brittany Lang are back in a share of seventh place of 149. Liz has scored 72-77, Brittany 74-75.
Not surprisingly, with two players in the top four, Wake Forest (591) are leading the team event from Auburn (597) with Ohio State (600) third and the favourites, Duke (602) in fourth place.

Spanish Amateur

Dutchman Joost Luiten, the No 6 qualifier, beat Leicestershire 20-year-old Neil Chaudhuri by 3 and 2 in Sunday's 36-hole final of the Spanish men's amateur international championship at El Saler Golf Club, Valencia.
Luiten beat former Scottish match-play champion Andrew McArthur (Windyhill) by 3 and 1 in Saturday's quarter-finals.
The Spanish women's amateur international championship was won by 14-year-old Carolota Ciganda from Basque country, Navarra. In an all-Spanish 18-hole final at Costa Ballena Golf Club, Cadiz, Ciganda, who won the European women's individual amateur title last year, beat 16-year-old Azahara Munoz from Malaga, winner of the British Under-18 girls' title at Lanark last August, by 1 hole.
In a classic final, Ciganda was two under par at the finish to her worthy opponent's one under par. Munoz was one up with three to play but Ciganda squared the match with a birdie at the 17th and Munoz bogeyed the 18th to lose the final.
Collated scoreboard
Men - Quarter-finals - N Chaudhuri (Eng) bt J L Adarraga (Spa) 4 and 3, R Cabrera (Spa) bt R McIlroy (NIre) at 19th, J Luiten (Net) bt A McArthur (Sco) 3 and 1, I Parnaby (Eng) bt J Campillo (Spa) 1 hole. Semi-finals - Chaudhuri bt Cabrera 2 and 1, Luiten bt Parnaby 4 and 2. Final (36 holes) - Luiten bt Chaudhuri 3 and 2. Costa Ballena, Cadiz -
Women - Quarter-finals - C Ciganda (Spa) bt D Vazquez (Spa) 2 and 1, L Mar (Spa) bt D Terol (Spa) 4 and 3, A Munoz (Spa) bt A Rossi (Ita) 2 holes, M Hernandez (Spa) bt P Lindberg (Swe) 1 hole. Semi-finals - Ciganda bt Mar 3 and 2, Munoz bt Hernandez 4 and 3. Final (18 holes) - Ciganda bt Munoz 1 hole.


Saturday 5th March 2005


It will be an all-Spanish 36-hole final on Sunday in the Spanish women's amateur international championship at Costa Ballena Golf Club, Cadiz while the two-round climax to the Spanish men's amateur international championship at El Saler Golf Club, Valencia will feature Englishman Neil Chaudhuri against Dutchman Joost Luiten.
Luiten beat former Scottish champion Andrew McArthur from Windyhill by 3 and 1 in the morning quarter-finals while, at the same stage, Rafael Cabrera (Spain) ended the great run of Belfast teenager Rory McIlroy with a winning par at the 19th hole.
With Chaudhuri in the first semi-final against Cabrera and Ian Parnaby of England figuring in the second semi-final against Luiten, there was a chance of an all-England final. Chaudhuri duly gained his place in the final by beating Cabrera 2 and 1, winning the 11th, 12th and 16th to take control of the tie.
Luiten won the 11th, 14th, 15th and 16th on his way to a 4 and 2 victory over Parnaby.
Chaudhuri was the ninth qualifier for the match-play stages; Luiten the sixth seed.
A classic final is on the cards in the Spanish women's amateur international championship with the contestants Azahara Munoz, the teenager who won the British girls' open championship at Lanark last year, and another youngster, Carlota Ciganda who won the European women's individual title by a big margin last year. She also played at Lanark but lost in one of the earlier rounds.
Even this early, Spain are shaping as favourites to win the European women's team title in Sweden in early July. They have certainly dominated this week's event at El Saler. Six of the eight quarter-finalists were Spaniards and all four semi-finalists were home country representatives, Ciganda beating Lucia Mar by 3 and 2 while Munoz beat Maria Hernandez by 4 and 3.
Munoz was the sixth best qualifier for the match-play
stages; Ciganda the eighth seed.
Carlota Ciganda (Spa) bt Diana Vazquez (Spa) 2 and 1.
Lucia Mar (Spa) bt Diana Terol (Spa) 4 and 3.
Azahara Munoz (Spa) beat Ana Rossi (Ita) 2 holes.
Maria Hernandez (Spa) bt Pernilla Lindberg (Swe) 1 hole.
Ciganda bt Mar 3 and 2.
Munoz bt Hernandez 4 and 3.
Neil Chaudhuri (Eng) bt Jose Luis Adarraga (Spa) 4 and 3.
Rafael Cabrera (Spa) bt Rory McIlroy (NIre) at 19th.
Joost Luiten (Net) bt Andrew McArthur (Sco) 3 and 1.
Ian Parnaby (Eng) bt Jorge Campillo (Spa) 1 hole.
Chaudhuri bt Cabrera 2 and 1.
Luiten bt Parnaby 4 and 2.
**Details of the scoring in the quarter-finals and finals are available on the Spanish Federation website:

Euan PolsonBoys' Quadrangular International Matches

Scotland finished joint second in the boys' international quadrangular golf tournament at Parco de Medici Golf Club, Rome on Friday after losing the title-deciding match 7-2 to France.
Earlier in a busy day of three sessions of play, the Scots had completed a rain-interrupted 5 ½-3 ½ win over Sweden after drawing 4 ½-4 ½ with Italy on the first day.
In the match against France, who lost to Sweden 5-4 but beat Italy 5-4, the Scots trailed 2-1 after the foursomes with half points in squared ties coming from Lewis Kirton (Newmachar) and Euan Polson (Royal Dornoch) and the Jordan Findlay (Fraserburgh)-David Addison (Barassie) partnership.
The Scots were outgunned in the singles by the French. Polson, pictured right, was Scotland's only winner, by 4 and 3 margin over Baptiste Chapellan. British boys' champion Jordan Findlay lost by one hole to Clement Lemaire.
The final rankings were:
1 France 2pt, 2 (equal) Italy and Scotland 1.5pt each, 4 Sweden 1pt.
Collated scoreboard
Parco de Medici GC, Rome
Friday's results:
Foursomes (played Thursday): Sweden 1, Scotland 2.
Singles: S Erikstam lost to D Addison (Barassie) 1 hole, N Glans beat J Findlay (Fraserburgh) 1 hole, J Engstrom lost to R McKnight (Barassie) 2 and 1, R Astrand lost to S McEwan (Barassie) 1 hole, J Kennegard halved with E Polson (Royal Dornoch), J Lavin beat L Kirton (Newmachar) 5-4 (2½-3½).
Foursomes: McKnight, McEwan lost to C Scotto, V Dubuisson 1 hole; Kirton, Polson halved with B Chapellan, C Lemaire; Findlay, Addison halved with E Dubois, P J Cassagne (1-2).
Singles: McKnight lost to Dubuisson 5 and 4, Kirton lost to Dubois 4 and 3, McEwan lost to Cassagne 1 hole, Polson beat Chapellan 4 and 3, Addison lost to Scotto 1 hole, Findlay lost to Lemaire 1 hole (1-5).

US College Golf

Scot Emily Ogilvy, pictured right, from Muckhart, a student at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, returned one of her best scores on the American women's college circuit with a two-over-par round of 73 on the second day of the East-West Rio Verde Invitational 54-hole tournament over the White Wing course, Rio Verde in Arizona (on Friday, USA time).
Emily, with the help of birdies at the second, 13th and 17th in halves of 38 and 35, improved from 46th place overnight to a tie for 17th spot with a 36-hole aggregate of 154 after an opening round of 81 which included a quadruple bogey 8 at the 11th
Two other Scots in the Arkansas-Little Rock team did not fare so well. Former Scottish girls' champion Laura Walker from Nairn has had rounds of 77 and 80 for 157 and dropped back from 17th to a tie for 32nd place. She had a double bogey at the ninth in halves of 39 and 41 and did not score a single birdie.
Fiona Gilbert from Carnoustie is tied for 101st place after scores of 89 and 84 for 173. Fiona, a former Scottish girls' championship beaten finalist, had a double bogey at the 11th but no birdies in halves of 41 and 43.
Arkansas-Little Rock (634) are in 14th place in the team event in which Michigan (604) leads from Minnesota (610) with Ohio (614) in third place.

US College Golf

Anna Scott, a 19-year-old from Consett & District in Durham, is one of the lesser-known British players playing on the American college circuit .. but she is going the right way about changing all that.
Anna was a member of the English Ladies Golfing Association's Elite Potential Girls Squad, before she left to enrol at Georgia State University in Atlanta last autumn.
She has help Georgia State to win the team title in their first two events of the second half of the 2004-2005 women's college golf season. That's a first for the university female golf programme.
Freshman Anna, was runner-up behind Scotland international Pamela Feggans (Florida Southern) for the individual title at the UCF Invitationl at Stoneybrook, Florida in February.
Miss Scott followed that up with a tie for 24th place in the Miccosukee tournament in Miami, scoring 75 and 76. That helped Georgia State to win the team award by eight shots.
In her last event before the Festive break, Anna was runner-up in the John Kirk/Lady Panther Intercollegiate at Eagles Landing, Georgia. Anna led with a first-round, three-under-par 69 (a college record score) but was caught over the second round when she slumped with a 78 for a total of 147 - three behind the winner.

US College Golf

Sweden's Christine Hallstrom and Wake Forest University team-mate Ashley Hoagland  shared the lead at the end of the first round in the Lady Gator Invitational women's college tournament over the University of Florida course at Gainesville on Friday.
They both scored one-over-par 71s over the 5,927yd course to lead by one shot from Curtis Cup player Liz Janangelo (Duke), the top-ranked female college player in America, and Whitney Myers (Florida).
Wake Forest (295) lead Duke (298) and Florida (300) in the team event.

World Hickory Open Championship
Take a look at the World Hickory Open Championship website. The Championship has been created to take the modern golfer back in time to the birth of the great game and hickory shafted clubs with gutta percha balls. The inaugural event on 11th July 2005, will be held on the Musselburgh Old Links, home of the Musselburgh Old Course Golf Club near Edinburgh.
Hickory Golf is very frustrating but great fun!
Have a go!


Friday 4th March 2005

Rory McIlroyAndrew McArthurSpanish Mens' Amateur
Former Scottish match-play champion Andrew McArthur, pictured left, and Belfast teenager Rory McIlroy, pictured right, are through to the quarter-finals of the Spanish men's amateur international championship at El Saler Golf Club, Valencia.
McArthur, from Windyhill, was 30th of the 32 qualifiers for the match-play stages but then beat No 3 seed Gareth Wright, the Welsh cap from West Linton, by 2 holes  and also England's Jamie Moul by one holoe.
McIlroy, the 20th qualifier, beat Juliet Foret 3 and 2 and then the No 4 seed, Spain's Fernando Garcia Grout by 4 and 2.
McArthur will now play Joost Luiten (Netherlands) while McIlroy meets the No 5 seed Rafael Cabrera (Spain).
Scottish open amateur stroke-play champion Richie Ramsay (Royal Aberdeen & Stirling University) lost by 1 hole to England's Ed Richardson in the first round.
Glenn Campbell (Blairgowrie) went down by 4 and 3 to Spain's Michael Lorenzo-Vera in the first round.
Collated results
El Saler GC, Valenica.
First round - J Van Hoof (Net) bt A Velasco (Spa) 4 and 3, J L Adarraga (Spa) bt M Del Podio (Ita) 1 hole, N Chaudhuri (Eng) bt P Oriol (Spa) 2 and 1, E Richardson (Eng) bt R Ramsay (Sco) 1 hole, R Cabrera (Spa) bt J F Sarasti (Spa) 5 and 3, J Chevallier (Fra) bt N Walker (Eng) 1 hole, R McIlroy (NIre) bt J Foret (Fra) 3 and 2, F Garcia Grout (Spa) bt H Bragason (Ice) 2 and 1, A McArthur (Sco) bt G Wright (Wal) 2 holes, J Moul (Eng) bt L Dodd (Eng) at 19th, M Lorenzo-Vera (Spa) bt G Campbell (Sco) 4 and 3, J Luiten (Net) bt R Swane (Net) 4 and 2, I Parnaby (Eng) bt J Williams (Wal) 3 and 2, P Hendriksen (Wal) bt J Fourquet (Fra) 2 and 1, T Cruz (Por) bt N Sulzer (Swi) 2 and 1, J Campillo (Spa) bt B Evans (Eng) 3 and 1.
Second round - Adarraga bt Van Hoof 2 holes, Chaudhuri bt Richardson 5 and 3, Cabrera bt Chevallier 5 and 4, McIlroy bt Garcia Grout 4 and 2, McArthur bt Moul 1 hole, Luiten bt Lorenzo-Vera 6 and 4, Parnaby bt Hendriksen 3 and 1, Campillo bt Creuz 3 and 2.

Spanish Amateur

Teenagers Kiran Matharu and Breanne Loucks, the only British players to qualify for the match-play stages of the Spanish women's amateur international golf championship at Costa Balena Golf Club, Cadiz were both beaten in their first-round ties today (Thursday).
Miss Matharu from Yorkshire, the No 14 qualifier, lost by 5 and 4 to Ana Rossi (Italy), the 19th qualifier.
Miss Loucks from Wales, who qualified 23rd of the 32 who progressed after two rounds of stroke-play, went down by 5 and 4 to Spain's Adriana Zwanck, the 10th seed.
Collated results
Costa Balena GC, Cadiz.
First round - D Vazquez bt B Mozo 1 hole, A-S Le Nalio bt E Giraud at 19th, B Recari bt S Cologan 1 hole, C Ciganda bt T Nillson 5 and 4, D Terol bt A Caudal 3 and 2, L Krog bt L Diaz-Negrete 2 holes, L Mar bt M Backstedt 4 and 2, J Schaeffer bt E Westrup 4 and 3, A Felgueroso bt C Westrup 4 and 2, A Rossi bt K Matharu (Eng) 5 and 4, S Westerlund bt J Barbier 1 hole, A Munoz bt B Buendia 4 and 3, M Hernandez bt A Salmen 6 and 5, A Zwanck bt B Loucks (Wal) 5 and 4, M Silva bt E Cabrera 3 ande 2, P Lindberg bt S Doering 4 and 3.
Second round -  Vazquez bt Le Nalio 5 and 4, Ciganda bt Recari 2 and 1, Terol bt Krog 2 and 1, Mar beat Schaeffer 3 and 1, Rossi beat Felgueroso 5 and 4, Munoz bt Westerlund 4 and 3, Hernandez bt Zwanck at 19th, Lindberg bt Silva 1 hole.


On Sunday 6th March, a Scottish Universities’ Invitational Tournment will take place at St. Andrews Bay Resort. The competition coincides with the University of Connecticut Golf team’s visit to Scotland.
The event, organised jointly between the University of Stirling and Glasgow University, sees 17 x 5-player teams compete over the Torrance Course. The 4-lowest gross scores count towards the team score. Individual prizes are also awarded.
The field appears a strong one, with 25 players holding handicaps of Scratch or better. The field is made up of men and women golfers studying currently at the folllwing Universities:
Stirling, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Heriot-Watt, Strathclyde and Connecticut.
Leading the field of players are Stirling’s Jamie Mcleary and Kylie Walker. Mcleary was voted Scottish Golfer of the Year in 2004, whilst Walker finished 4th at the 2004 Daily Telegraph World Junior Championships. Also playing is reigning British Universities Individual Champion, Carl Levert (St. Andrews). England senior internationalist, Alex Marshall (Stirling) is also in the field. The event has been kindly sponsored by Dragnet Sourcing.

St Andrews Links Trust has rejected an application from the Ladies Golf Union to host one of its national championships over the Old Course in the summer of 2006.
The LGU, which has its headquarters at St Andrews, approached the links' administrators and members of the St Andrews Links management committee with a request to stage the Ladies' British open mid-amateur championship in July next year.
In turning down the request, a spokesman for the Trust said that it was already hosting both the Weetabix Women's Open championship in 2007 and the Curtis Cup in 2008.
He added: "The dates requested were at a particularly busy time. However, the committee did not rule out hosting this tournament at a future date."

Laura WalkerUS College Golf

Laura Walker from Nairn, picrtured right, did best of the three Scottish students in the Arkansas-Little Rock University women's golf team in the first round of the East/West Rio Verde Invitational tournament over the White Wing course at Rio Verde, Arizona (on Thursday).
Laura, a former Scottish girls champion and a Nairn Dunbar GC member, had a round of six-over-par 77 (37-40) to share 17th place in the field of 108. Starting at the seventh hole, she survived a triple-bogey 7 at the 11th  Her only birdie came at the fifth but, unfortunately, her last hole of the day, the short sixth, cost her a double-bogey 5.
Emily Ogilvy from Muckhart was in a tie for 46th place after an 81 (39-42). Emily started at the seventh and ran up a quadruple bogey 8 at the 11th.
Fiona Gilbert from Carnoustie finished the opening day in a tie for 101st place after an 89 which included a triple bogey 8 at the 10th and double bogeys at the sixth, 12th and 15th in halves of 42 and 47.
Amber Churchill (Marshall University) and Megan Hanson (SW Missouri State) set the pace on level par 71.
Michigan (303) led the team event from Minnesota (307) and Ohio (309) with Arkansas-Little Rock (315) in seventh place of the 18 teams.
71 Amber Churchill (Marshall University), Megan Hanson (SW Missouri State).
73 Liz Bennett (Iowa), Sheridan Graham (Arkansas-Little Rock), Laura Olin (Michigan), Amy Schmucker (Michigan), Sophie Stubbs (Minnesota).
Other scores:
77 Laura Walker (Arkansas-Little Rock).
81 Emily Ogilvy (Arkansas-Little Rock).
80 Fiona Gilbert (Arkansas-Little Rock).
303 Michigan.
307 Minnesota.
309 Ohio.
310 Southern Methodist.
312 Bradley.
313 North Texas
315 Arkansas-Little Rock.


Thursday 3rd March 2005

Boys' Quadrangular International Matches
Scotland, who drew their opening match with Italy on Wednesday, took a 2-1 foursomes lead over Sweden before rain and the threat of lightning forced the organisers to postpone the afternoon singles on the second day of the boys' quadrangular international at Parco de Medici Golf Club, Rome yesterday (Thursday).
Sweden beat France 5-4 on the opening day so it was a good morning performance by the Scots.
British boys' champion Jordan Findlay (Fraserburgh) and David Addison, one of three Barassie boys in the squad, won by two holes over Nicklas Glans and Stefan Erikstam in the lead-off foursomes.
Then the all-Barassie partnership of Robert McKnight and Steven McEwan beat Jonathan Lavin and Jimmy Engstrom by 3 and 2.
Euan Polson (Royal Dornoch) and Lewis Kirton (Newemachar) went down by 2 and 1 to Jesper Kennegard and Rasmus Astrad in the third morning tie.
The organising committee were hoping to play the singles ties with an early start today (Friday).
BOYS' QUADRANGULAR INTERNATIONAL - Parco de Medici Golf Club, Rome. Day 2 (singles postponed because of rain and threat of lightning).
Scotland lead Sweden 2-1. Foursomes: J Findlay (Fraserburgh), D Addison (Barassie) beat N Glans, S Erikstam 2 holes; R McKnight (Barassie), S McEwan (Barassie) beat J Lavin, J Engstrom 3 and 2; E Polson (Royal Dornoch), L Kirton (Newmachar) lost to J Kennegard, R Astrand 2 and 1.

Spanish Amateur
English 16-year-old Kiran Matharu from Yorkshire and Welsh youngster Breanne Loucks were the only British players among the 32 qualifiers for the match-play stages of the Spanish women's amateur international championship at Costa Ballena Golf Club, Cadiz on Thursday.
British stroke-play title-holder Clare Queen (Drumpellier) and Jenna Wilson (Strathaven) were among those who failed to total 155 or better from the two qualifying rounds.
Clare, who also missed the cut in last week's Portuguese championship, had two rounds of 78 for 156 to be 37th equal in the standings.
Jenna, who reached the quarter-finals of the event in Portugal, was ranked joint 71st after scores of 81 and 82 for 163.
Belen Mozo (Spain) earned the top seed ranking with 69 and 70 for 139 - three ahead of Pernilla Lindberg.
Kiran MartaruKiran Matharu, pictured right, a member of Nick Faldo's Elite Junior Squad, shot a pair of 76s for the 14th qualifying spot on 152.
Breanne Loucks was 23rd qualifier, thanks to a fine second-round 73 for an aggregate of 153.
Leading qualifiers
139 Belen Mozo (Spa).
142 Pernilla Lindberg (Swe) 71 71.
144 Caroline Westrup (Swe) 71 73.
146 Jade Schaeffer (Fra) 73 73.
148 Diana Terol (Spa) 75 73, Azahara Munoz (Spa) 75 73.
149 Maria Hernandez (Spa) 78 71, Carlota Ciganda (Spa) 73 73, Beatriz Recari (Spa) 73 76.
Other qualifiers included:
152 Kiran Matharu (Eng) 76 76.
153 Breanne Loucks (Wal) 8173.
Non-qualifiers included:
156 Felicity Johnson (Eng) 80 76, Clare Queen (Sco) 78 78, Jo Nicolson (Swe) 77 79.
158 Emma Sheffield (Eng) 82 76.
159 Sara Garbutt (Eng) 83 76.
161 Stephanie Evans (Wal) 83 78.
163 Jenna Wilson (Sco) 81 82.
170 Joanne Hodge (Eng) 84 86.

Spanish Amateur

Andrew McArthurThree Scots – Glenn Campbell (Blairgowrie), Richie Ramsay (Royal Abedeen) and Andrew McArthur (Windyhill) (pictured right) – figured among the 32 qualifiers for the match-play stages of the Spanish men’s amateur international championship at El Saler Golf Club, Valencia on Thursday.
Campbell is the No 11 seed after rounds of 73 and 72 for one-over 145.
Ramsay is No 25, having been one of a dozen players who did not finish their first round on Wednesday and had to go out very early to complete that and then tee off again in the second round.
The Aberdonian had scores of 76 and 73 for 149 – the same as former Scottish champion Andrew McArthur (Windyhill) who was the 30th qualifier with scores of 73 and 76.
There were six players on the limit mark of 150. Only two got through and Paul O’Hara (Colville Park), beaten in the semi-finals of the Portuguese amateur championship last weekend, was one of the unlucky ones after scores of 84 and 76.
Current Scottish champion George Murray (Earlsferry Thistle) failed to make it in 43rd place on 151 with scores of 74 and 77.
Double Scottish boys champion last year, Scott Henry (Cardoss) shot 79 and 73 for 142 and 45th place.
Lloyd Saltman (Craigielaw) finished in 59th place with 75 and 78 for 153. Lloyd’s brother Elliot finished 103rd best in a field of 132 with scores of 78 and 81 for 159.
Welshman Gareth Wright, a member at West Linton Golf Club, was joint second at the end of the second qualifying round. He scored 72 and 73
142 Alvaro Velasco (Spa) 69 73.,
143 Jorge Campillo (Spa) 71 72, Gareth Wright (West Linton) 72 73, Fernando Garcia Grout (Spa) 67 76.
144 Rafael Cabrera (Spa) 74 70, Joost Lutten 71 73, Ian Parnaby 71 73, Edward Richardson (Eng) 70 74.
Other qualifiers included:
145 Glenn Campbell (Sco) 73 72.
147 Rory McIlroy (Nire) 72 75.
149 Richie Ramsay (Sco) 76 73,Andrew McArthur (Windyhill) 73 76.
Non-qualifiers included:
150 Paul O’Hara (Sco) 74 76, James Ruth (Eng) 73 77.
151 George Murray (Sco) 74 77.
152 Scot4t4 Henry (Sco) 79 73.
153 Lloyd Saltman (Sco) 75 78.
159 Elliot Saltman (Sco) 78 81.


Wednesday 2nd March 2005

Spanish Amateur

The Scottish-English-Welsh challenge made little impact in a field of 97 on the opening day of the Spanish women's amateur international championship at Costa Ballena, Cadiz on Wednesday.
Spain's Belen Mozo led the first qualifying round with a good score of three-under-par 69.
She was two shots clear of a pair of Swedes, Caroline Westrup and Pernilla Lindberg.
The leading British player was young Kiran Matharu, joint 11th on 76.
Jo Nicolson from Wales, the British women's mid-amateur champion, was tied for 18th place after a 77 - one shot ahead of Clare Queen (Drumpellier), the British women's open amateur stroke-play title-holder, who was sharing 24th place.
English youngster Felicity Johnson was in joint 39th place aftere an 80 while Jenna Wilson (Strathaven) and Welsh teenager Breanne Loucks' were sharing 49th place on 81.
England's Emma Sheffield had an 82, one ahead of compatriot Sara Garbutt and Stephanie Evans (Wales) who were joint 64th.
Another English player, Joanne Hodge, was tied for 74th place after an 84.
Sweden A were the leading team after Day 1 with a two-player total of 149. Next came Spain A, Spain B and Sweden B, all on 151.
Wales (Jo Nicolson, Stephanie Evans and Breanne Loucks) were on 158.
Scotland (Clare Queen & Jenna Wilson) totalled 159.
England (Sara Garbutt, Joanne Hodge and Felicity Johnson) totalled 163.
69 Belen Mozo (Spa).
71 Caroline Westrup (Swe), Pernilla Lindberg (Swe).
73 Beatriz Recari (Spa), Jade Schaeffer (Fra).
74 Elene Giraud (Fra).
75 Azahara Munoz (Spa), Diane Terol, Stephanie Kirchmair (Gere), Stenna Westerlund (Fin).
76 Satu Harju (Fin), Kiran Matharu (Eng), Carlota Ciganda (Spa), Lene Krog (Nor), Lucia Mar (Spa).
Other scores:
77 Jo Nicolson (Wal).
78 Clare Queen (Sco).
80 Felicity Johnson (Eng).
81 Breanne Loucks (Wal).
82 Emma Sheffield (Eng).
83 Stephanie Evans (Wal), Sara Garbutt (Eng).
84 Joanne Hodge (Eng).
149 Sweden A.
151 Spain A, Spain B, Sweden B.
152 Germany A.
153 Finland B, France B.
156 Finland A.
157 Spain C, France A.
158 Belgium A, Belgium B, Sweden B, Wales A.
159 Scotland.
160 Italy.
163 England A.
165 Finland C, Germany B.
166 France C.

Spanish Mens Amateur
Scottish men’s open amateur stroke-play champion Richie Ramsay, a Stirling University student from Aberdeen, and Scott Henry (Cardross), winner of both the Scottish boys’ match-play and stroke-play titles last year, were among 12 players who will be up early Thursday morning to go out and complete their first qualifying rounds in the Spanish men’s amateur international championship.
Bad light prevented them finishing on Wednesday.
Of all the Scottish-based players it was actually a Welshman, Gareth Wright from West Linton, who had the best first-day score. He got it round in one-under-par 71 – four shots behind the pacemaker, Spain’s Fernando Garcia.
Glenn Campbell (Blairgowrie) and Andrew McArthur (Windhyull) both had 73s. Scottish champion George Murray (Earlsferr Thistle) and Paul O’Hara (Colvilla Park) were on 74 – the borderline for qualifying for the match-play stages after the second round.
The Saltman brothers, Lloyd and Elliot, from Craigielaw have got to get closer to the par mark in the second round to have a chance. Lloyd had a 75 and Elliot a 78.
67 Fernando Garcia (Spa).]
69 Alvara Velasco (Spa).
70 Francois Calmels (Fra), Jamie Moul (Eng), Ed Richardson (Eng).
Other scores:
71 Gareth Wright (Wal).
72 Rory McIlroy (Nire).
73 James Ruth (Eng), Oliver Fisher (Eng), Glenn Campbell (Sco), Andrew McArthur (Sco).
74 George Murray (Sco), Paul O’Hara (Sco).
75 Lloyd Saltman (Sco).
78 Elliot Saltman (Sco), Matthew Cryer (Eng).
+12 players still to finish, including Richie Ramsay (Sco) and Scott Henry (Sco).

Quadrangular Internationals

Scotland drew 4 1/2-4 1/2 with Italy on the opening day of the quadrangular boys' international at Parco de Medici, Rome. The three-day programme was switched there because of heavy snow at the original venue of Monticello.
Sweden beat France 5-4 in the other first-day match.
Thursday's programme sees Scotland play Sweden, while Italy meet France.

US College Golf

Louise Fleming from the Borders helped Jacksonville State University win the team title in the Buffalo Rock/Southern Shootout women's college golf tournament at Bent Brook Golf Club, McCalla in Alabama.
It was Louise's first tournament for Jacksonville State since transferring from Minnesota University. Fellow Scot Collette Murray is on the women's golf team staff at Jacksonville State and persuaded Louise to make the move.
Miss Fleming had rounds of 79 and 74 for an aggregate of 153 to finish 11th behind tournament winner Brooke Mangan (Alabama Birmingham) with rounds of 76 and 70 for two-over par 146.
Jacksonville State had three players in the top 11 and four in the leading 16 to win the team event with a total of 612, one ahead of Birmingham Southern.

US College Golf

Aberdeenshire women's county golf champion Sjavon Wilson from Portlethen finished fourth in a field of 80 for the Lady Crusader Invitational women's college golf tournament at Mill Creek Country Club, Temple in Texas.
Sjavon, a student at Tyler College, Texas, had rounds of 82 and 81 for an aggregate of 163 - 12 shots behind the winner, Holly Glover (Mary Hardin University).

US College Golf

Colin Speirs from Perth, a golf scholarship student at South Alabama University, finished joint 14th in the Tulane Invitational men's college golf tournament at English Turn Golf & Country Club, New Orleans.
Colin had scores of 72, 76 and 75 for a seven-over-par total of 223.
Miachael Thompson (Tulane University) won by two shots with a nine-under-par total of 214, made up of 75, 71 and 68.

US College Golf

Englishmen Ross McGowan, Lloyd Campbell and David Skinns, all students at Tennessee University, finished second, sixth and 21st respectively and helped their college to win the team title in the Ashworth Collegiate Invitational men's golf tournament at North Ranch Country Club, Westlake in California.
McGowan had scores of 69, 67 and 72 for 208, Campbell had 72, 71 and 70 for an even par 213, while Skinns notched 69, 72 and 77 for 218.
Campbell from Rochester and Cobham golf club in Kent qualified for the Open last year and finished 2 off the cut.
Aaron Price (Georgia Southern) won by five shots with a total of 203 (69, 64, 70).
Tennessee (852) won the team title from Brigham Young (854) and Southern California (861).

Pamela FeggansUS College Golf

Defending champion Pamela Feggans did not keep the title but she did regain some self-confidence and personal pride when she returned a one-over-par 73, the joint second-best final round by anyone in the field of 43, to salvage a top-20 finish to the Lady Moc Classic women’s college tournament at Lakeland, Florida on Tuesday.
The Scotland international player from Ayr, a Florida Southern College golf scholarship student and winner of her previous event on the circuit this year, had dropped way down the field after rounds of 77 and 86 on a blustery Monday but she pulled herself up into 18th place with a total of 236, thanks to her almost error-free closing effort which was the best by any of the Florida Southern team over the three rounds.
Taryn Durham (Middle Tennessee State) took over Miss Feggans’ crown with scores of 73, 75 and 74 for a six-over-par total of 222 to win by two shots from Ulrika Ljungman (Rollins) (77-71-76) with two players sharing third place on 225 – Diana Meza (James Madison) (76-77-72) and Mariana De Biase (Rollins) (75-74-76).
Rollins College, the NCAA Division 2 women’s national champions, retained the team title in the Lady Moc Classic with a total of 901, five shots inside the previous record set by Washington State in 2003.
Rollins won by 15 shots from Middle Tennessee State (916) with James Madison (930) third, Augusta State (934) fourth and Florida Southern (944) fifth.
Interesting scoring statistic was provided by the par-4 fifth hole at which there were 46 double bogeys and 27 triple bogeys or higher figures returned over the three rounds.

Nick Faldo Announced as Ryder Cup Captain for 2008
2nd March 2005: Nick Faldo was today appointed European captain for the Ryder Cup in 2008 in an unprecedented double announcement, which also named Ian Woosnam as the captain for 2006. This is the first time that the Ryder Cup committee has named a captain so far ahead of the actual competition, a clear show of the support that Faldo has within the sport.
Nick Faldo released the following statement after the announcement:
“I am delighted that the committee has decided to announce the captaincy for 2008 and can’t say how excited I am at the prospect of leading the European side in the US. The Ryder Cup has always been extremely important to me and I will look forward to planning for that match – but for now it is Ian’s time and I wish him the best for his captaincy.
“I’ve spent a lot of my career in America and have always enjoyed the support of the people and the challenge of competing on the other side of the pond. I hope that my profile and success in the US will be an advantage to the European team.
“The Ryder Cup is one of the most exciting competitions in the golfing calendar and never fails to inspire both team members and spectators alike. With eleven previous appearances, I have so many fond memories of my time as a player and am honoured to be joining the list of great names that have captained the European side in the past. Having played under five different captains, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way and hope that I can draw on my own experiences to guide the European side to victory.
“European golf is in a very good state of health at the moment and players from throughout the continent have proved themselves to be major contenders on the world stage. Their ability and drive are second to none. Above all though, the European team understands the importance of camaraderie and that is a tradition that I hope to continue into 2008. We have always succeeded in pulling together as a group of nations that realise the shared importance of an event like the Ryder Cup and I am really looking forward to guiding the team, whoever they may be.
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the committee and in particular George O’Grady, for giving me the chance to realise what has long been a dream of mine. This double announcement shows genuine vision on the committee’s part and I look forward to working with them when the time comes for me to take the reigns. This is a proud day for me and I am extremely excited by the prospect of leading the European team on to another great Ryder Cup success.”

US College Golf

With the Delaney sisters mainly out of touch, it was left to BeckyWood from Glossop and American Gabby Wedding to lift Kent State University into a tie for second place in the team championship at the Texas A&M Mo-Morial Invitational women's college tournament at Traditions Golf Club, Bryan in Texas on Tuesday.
Becky scored 80, 79 and 76 to finish 10th on 235 after starting the final round in 26th place. It was her best performance for some time.
Tara Delaney from Carlow, Ireland did improve from 67th to joint 46th place on 247 with a good final round of 74 after disappointing earlier scores of 86 and 87.
Karen Delaney had a tournament she would rather forget. With rounds of 90, 83 and 88 she tied for 72nd place on 261.
The tournament, played in some tough Texas weather, was won by Samantha Richdale (Illinois State) despite a final round of 82. Her earlier scores of 75 and 73 made the different and she won by a single shot with a 14-over-par total of 230.
Gabby Wedding (Kent State) was runner-up with scores of 80, 74 and 77 for 231.
Southern Methodist (942) won the team title from Texas A & M and Kent State (both 943) with Texas Christian (945) fourth, Northwestern (964) fifth and Baylor (965) sixth.
Baylor team member Sian Reddick from Folkestone, the reigning English closed stroke play champion, slipped back from 11th to a share of 21st place with scores of 79, 78 and 83 for a total of 240.

Email from Anne Walker, Assistant coach at University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday 1 March 2005

SLGA logoSLGA Press Release
Scotland Name Early Season teams

The Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association is pleased to announce the following teams to represent Scotland:
SLGA St Leonards Under 16 Open Stroke Play Championship
, Strathtyrum Course, St Andrews, 7 - 8 April.
Team 1: Krystle Caithness (St Regulus), Roseanne Niven (Crieff), Carly Booth (Auchterarder)
Team 2: Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar), Jane Turner (Glencorse), Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm).
Reserves: Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), Hannah Harvey (St Leonards)
Helen Holm Scottish Open Stroke Play Championship, Troon Portland & Royal Troon, 23 -24 April.
Team: Clare Queen (Drumpellier), Jenna Wilson (Strathaven)
Reserves: Martine Pow (Selkirk), Anne Laing (Vale of Leven).
Welsh Ladies' Open Amateur 54 Hole Stroke Play Championship, Pyle & Kenfig GC, 30 April - 1 May.
Team: Martine Pow (Selkirk), Clare Queen (Drumpellier), Jenna Wilson (Strathaven).
Travelling Reserves: Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle), Dawn Dewar (Stirling University).
Krystle Caithness, Roseanne Niven and Carly Booth won the international team event staged in conjunction with the SLGA St Leonards Under-16 girls' open stroke-play at Strathtyrum, St Andrews last year … and will thus be bidding for a repeat win.
Krystle won the individual Under-16 girls' title by a shot from Carly Booth.
Miss Caithness went on to win the Scottish Under-18 girls' match-play title at Pumpherston later in the year and gained her first full cap in the women's home internationals.
Jenna Wilson was the No 3 qualifier and reached the quarter-finals of the Portuguese women's amateur international championship at Estela Golf Club last week.
Clare Queen is the reigning British women's open amateur stroke-play champion, Scottish Under-21 champion and she also won the SLGA champion of champions' tournament at the end of the 2004 season.
Miss Queen and Miss Wilson won the Nations Cup international team event for Scotland at the Italian Open women's amateur championship last September.
Martine Pow gained her first full cap for Scotland in last season's women's home internationals.

SCOTLAND will play the hosts, Italy, while France will tee it up against Sweden on Wednesday, the opening day of the 14th quadrangular boys’ international matches, hosted this week by Golf Club Parco de’ Medici.
The British Boys Champion Jordan Findlay (Fraserburgh), pictured right, is in the Scottish Team.
Teams for the three-day tournament are:
David Addison (Barassie), Jordan Findlay (Fraserburgh), Lewis Kirton (Newmachar), Robert McKnight (Barassie), Steven McEwan (Barassie), Euan Polson (Royal Dornoch). Captain: Scott Knowles. Coach: Spencer Henderson.
Antonio Garbaccio, Joon Kim, Nunzio Lombardi, Andrea Pavan, Lorenzo Scotto. Captain: Stefano Sardi. Coach Giorgio Bordoni.
Baptiste Chapellan, Edouard Dubois, Victor Dubuisson, Pierre-Jean Cassagne, Clément Lemaire, Cédric Scotto. Capitano Christophe Fourel; Allenatore: Hubert Prot.
Nicklas Glans, Jimmy Engstrom, Stefan Erikstam, Jonatahn Lavin, Jesper Kennegard, Rasmus Astrand. Capitano: Ola Lindgren; Allenatore: Peter Ostlund

Defending champion Pamela Feggans (Florida Southern) from Ayr slumped out of contention with a disastrous second round of 86 in the Lady Moc Classic women's college tournament at Lakeland, Florida on Monday.
In blustery conditions, Pamela was only four shots off the pace with a first-round, five-over-par 77 but she struggled badly after lunch and her 36-hole tally of 163 sees her go into Tuesday's final round in 35th place - 16 shots behind the leader.
Sunday's opening round was rained off and two rounds were squeezed into Monday's schedule.
Taryn Durham (Middle Tennessee) leads on three-over 147 with scores of 73 and 74. She is one ahead of Pamela Feggans' Florida Southern freshman team-mate Lindsey Bergeon (73-75) and Ulrika Ljungman (Rollins College) (77-71).
Miss Feggans, a Scotland international team player, won her opening tournament of the second half of the American college season.
Rollins College (603), seeking to repeat last year's team title win,  lead the event by nine shots from Middle Tennessee (612) with Augusta State (620) lying third. Florida Southern (633) are trailing in fifth place of the 19 teams.
147 Taryn Durham (Middle Tennessee) 73 74.
148 Lindsey Bergeon (Florida Southern) 73 75, Ulrika Ljungman(Rollins) 77 71.
149 Maria De Biase (Rollins) 75 74.
Other score:
163 Pamela Feggans (Florida Southern) 77 86.
603 Rollins.
612 Middle Tennessee.
620 Augusta State.
622 James Madison.
633 Florida Southern.
633 Nova South-eastern.


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